Unable to define IE6 font: 13px size is invalid, IE6 automatically displays larger font solution


A few days ago, when I adjusted a module of the web page, I set the font size of the page to 13px. Because I Used Chrome browser and IE8 at that time, I didn’t find the original font- size:13px In IE6, even if you don’t listen, it always automatically shows a larger size, and it’s ugly in cash.

After thinking about it, I suddenly remembered that I had changed the font before. It didn’t happen before I changed. Unfortunately, I used Tahoma font. This font can’t display 13px font in IE6 browser, and will be replaced by default font. The problem was solved by changing the font.

IE6 is a product more than 10 years ago, which can’t keep up with the development of the times. However, China is probably the country that uses IE6 most in the world, which not only brings a lot of trouble to web development. Upgrade quickly. This kind of outdated thing should have been recorded in the history books for a long time.

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