Ubuntu20.04 configuration deployment ZLMediaKit, wvp-pro, wvp-pro-assist full process record


Due to work needs, a streaming media service architecture was built on the ubuntu system.
overall adoptionZLMediaKitAs a streaming media service framework,WVP-PROAs a video management platform,wvp-pro-assistAs a cloud recording component.
The overall deployment process has also stepped on some pits. Now the whole deployment process is sorted and recorded as follows:

1. Install the basic environment

Install Redis
Install MySQL
These two steps can also be handled by redis and mysql on other servers.

2. Install and deploy ZLMediaKit

ZLMediaKit installation process

3. Install and deploy WVP-PRO

WVP-PRO installation process

4. Install and deploy wvp-pro-assist

If you don’t need cloud recording, you can ignore it
wvp-pro-assist installation process

  • After each step of operation, pay attention to whether the content in the configuration file is consistent with each other, such as various port numbers, database connection information, video file path, etc., and errors are often reported because they are ignored or not read carefully.
  • After WVP-PRO runs, it will take over the configuration file of ZLMediaKit to modify, and then it must be added when pushing the stream.sign=xxxxx(xxx is the MD5 code of 32 of the user table pushKey), otherwise the push stream will fail.

There are many ways to install and configure, and individuals are also half-knowledgeable about the Linux system. This article is only for personal records. If the content is wrong or unprofessional, please ignore it.

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