Ubuntu18.04 global beautification


Let’s beautify the finished pictures first

Mainly make a record

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification
Ubuntu18.04 global beautification
Ubuntu18.04 global beautification
Ubuntu18.04 global beautification
Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

System environment:

1、ubuntu 18.04

2、VMware 14

3. Beautify the theme and icon needed by Baidu cloud

Extraction code: 4axn

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

Formal start of beautification

It is recommended to use root to log in to the Ubuntu system directly

The first step

First install the corresponding tool: tweaktool

Chinese nameoptimization

English namegnome-tweak-tool

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

#After downloading
#Start command:

After the download is completed, this is the same as the beautified interface

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

Open to modify cursor color, theme, window menu, etc

IfShellAfter the exclamation point, if you can’t operate, download onegnome-shell-extensions

sudo apt-get install gnome-shell-extensions

Restart after installation

Open tweets and choose the “extend” option

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

If the “user themes” button is set to on, you will find that the shell has no exclamation point

Step two

Installation theme

Unzip the two compressed packages in themes in the network disk, and put the three unzipped folders into the [usr / share / themes] folder

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

Install Icon

Unzip the compressed package in the icon in the network disk, and put the unzipped folder into the [usr / share / icons] folder

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

Step three

Use the downloadoptimizationThe tool (Gnome tweaks) modifies the corresponding theme icon and shell

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

So far, the theme icon is almost beautified

Step 4

Install dash to dock

Open the software center to search for dash to dock to download and install

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

After downloading, open the optimization to find the extension as shown in the figure

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

design sketch

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

Step five

Optimization of startup selection interface (grub interface)

Unzip the boot selection interface package in the network disk and execute the install script

Then go to the [boot / grub / themes] folder to see if there is an extra vimix file

Execute the command: VIM / etc / default / grub to modify the configuration file

GRUB_ Default = 0 indicates the first option to start grub menu;

GRUB_ HIDDEN_ Timeout = 10 will stay in grub selection menu for 10s;

GRUB_ HIDDEN_ TIMEOUT_ Quiet = false will display grub menu, if true, grub will not be displayed

It is suggested that the screen resolution be modified to adapt to the background image grub_ GFXMODE=”1920×1080”

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

It can be configured according to the actual situation

After the configuration is completed, save and exit to execute the update command: sudo update grub

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

After you restart, you will find that your boot interface has an extra option. Part of the system will automatically enter the system of Ubuntu after 5 seconds of countdown. It is cumbersome to restart. There is no picture to post here

Step 6

Plymouth theme, boot animation optimization

First unzip the boot animation package inside the network disk

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

The unzipped folder is put into the folder of / usr / share / Plymouth / themes

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

Execute the command [VIM / usr / share / Plymouth/ default.plymouth 】Remember to back up the files before modifying as shown in the figure

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

Save the update configuration file after modification

#The first command
sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/share/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth default.plymouth /usr/share/plymouth/themes/darwin/darwin.plymouth 100
#The second line of command
sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth
#The third line of command
sudo update-initramfs -u

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

Restart to see Apple’s boot logo and progress bar

Step 7

login interface

Unzip the files in the login interface

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

First back up / usr / share / Gnome shell / theme/ ubuntu.css file

After decompressing ubuntu.css Replace the system’s own / usr / share / Gnome shell / theme/ ubuntu.css

Copy the extracted setaswallpaper script file to ~ /. Local / share / Nautilus / scripts / directory, and then modify the permissions (if necessary)

Execute [sudo Chmod 777 / usr / share / backgrounds /], and modify the permissions of / usr / share / backgrounds. Execute the script file of setaswallpaper just now. Note that if your directory is in Chinese, you need to modify the path of the script file

Ubuntu18.04 global beautification
Ubuntu18.04 global beautification

After the modification, after executing the script, you will find that the desktop background will not be reset

Then restart to see the effect of the login interface

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To accumulate more, to try more, to spend more time to slowly feel the beauty of Linux, more contact with the mystery of the command line

Next time, record the FTP configuration

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