Ubuntu Install kitti2bag


The project needs to test the mapping effect, but at present, the effect of our own semantic segmentation training is not very good, and the accuracy of external parameter matrix calibration is not high, so we plan to use Kitti data set as test. Therefore, we need to convert the Kitti data set into bag package to facilitate playback. Here we need to install onekitti2bagThe tool to record the installation process is not in place in one step.

1. Update PIP and install kitti2bag

Prompt me to update PIP before installation. My Python 2.7 uses PIP:

pip install --upgrade pip

To install kitti2bag:

pip install kitti2bag

2. Run kitti2bag to prompt command no found

After installation, run directly from the command linekitti2bagPrompt command not found:


command no found!

But I have successfully installed it, so I found the location of kitti2bag. First, I use the uninstall command to see where the installation location of kitti2bag is

pip uninstall kitti2bag

Ubuntu Install kitti2bag

Found in/home/dlonng/.local/bin/kitti2bagSo I copied kitti2bag to/usr/bin/Below:

sudo cp /home/dlonng/.local/bin/kitti2bag /usr/bin/

ls /usr/bin/kitti2bag


Restart the terminal and execute againkitti2bagTo print out the usage information. You can use:


usage: kitti2bag [-h] [-t DATE] [-r DRIVE]
                 [-s {00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21}]
                 {raw_synced,odom_color,odom_gray} [dir]
kitti2bag: error: too few arguments

With a picture of me performing this process:

Ubuntu Install kitti2bag

3. Use kitti2bag to convert bag

After downloading the Kitti package, I unzip both the dataset and the calibration file to the current directory. Note that they will be unzipped to theTime namingIn the folder of:

unzip KITTI_2011_09_26_drive_0020_sync
unzip 2011_09_26_calib.zip

Unzip both of the above2011_09_26Then run the following conversion command one level above the extracted directory,raw_syncedIt indicates whether the downloaded dataset has been synchronized. I downloaded it synchronously, so this sentence is added, but it is basically synchronized

kitti2bag -t 2011_09_26 -r 0020 raw_synced .

Wait for the conversion to complete, you can see the generated bag package, print the info and see the following information:

Ubuntu Install kitti2bag

be accomplished!

Reference link:

Ubuntu Install kitti2bag

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