Ubuntu 16.04 configures Samba to solve the problem of Linux SVN using comfort


Personally, the command line of SVN is not as comfortable as git, but the SVN GUI client tortoise SVN on windows is very convenient. Therefore, for the students who often do service program development in virtual machine but have to use SVN, it is particularly useful to combine Linux development environment and tortoise SVN to manage the code version.

Install and configure Samba

Using apt get to install on Ubuntu

apt-get install samba samba-common


Turn off firewall

systemctl stop ufw

usevim /etc/samba/smb.confCommand to edit the samba configuration file and add it at the end of the configuration file

   comment = qk_python Directories
   browseable = no
   path = /root/qk_python
   valid users = root
   read only = no

Add a user, in addition to root, you can also enter other existing user names.

smbpasswd -a root

Restart Samba service to take effect

systemctl restart smbd

Running window input in Windows\\Add IP, for example:\\\\root. In the pop-up window, enter the user name and password you just added to access the Linux file directory.

Configure SVN

Because Samba is configured as non read-only, you can check out the corresponding SVN project directly to the Linux file directory. After that, configure SVN as follows:

Check the network driver type of SVN

TortoiseSVN > Settings > icon overlays check “network drives” in driver types

Show SVN Project Green Icon:

TortoiseSVN > Settings > icon overlays select shell

Then you can display the green icon, and then happily use tortoise SVN to manage Linux code.

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Ubuntu 16.04 configures Samba to solve the problem of Linux SVN using comfort

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Ubuntu 16.04 configures Samba to solve the problem of Linux SVN using comfort

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