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This is to parameterize the type from the original specific type, which is similar to the variable parameters in the method. At this time, the type is also defined as a parameter form (which can be called a type parameter), and then a specific type (type argument) is passed in during use / call.StarpoolAbstract class of date / time formatting subclass, which formats and analyzes date or time in a language independent manner. It provides many class methods to get the default date / time formatter according to the default or given locale and multiple format styles. It also helps you format and parse dates for any locale. The end of the queue (rear) is the end that allows insertion. The front is the end that allows deletion. An empty queue is an empty table without elements.

Duplicate elements are allowed in the list collection,https://www.starpool.cnAll elements are stored in a linear manner, and the specified elements in the collection can be accessed by index in the program. In addition, a feature of the list set is that the elements are orderly, that is, the storage order of the elements is consistent with the extraction order