Type system designer


Type system designer

I wanted to talk about standard libraries and type systems(C# type system)But now think about it, let’s talk about type system designers (how type system designers are refined)

Perhaps this is what the type system looks like after a lot of consideration

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+Master the origin of c# type and. Net type
(C #, C # type,. Net type, C # standard library, mscorlib. DLL) (the C # class library actually comes from the problem he is facing (his concern is desktop software development. He may have predicted what problems he will encounter when developing software for the. Net platform, so he designed C # so well))

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Immutable collections is one of the basic core class libraries of the. Net framework

System.Collections.Concurrent Classes ( vs Java JUC )

EventHandler<TEventArgs> Delegate

Relationship between language support, APP programmers and SDK

If you get a small achievement in the form of program software, you need operation blueprint and business logic blueprint. Developers must be app programmers, and they need to use programming languages to provide support at both levels.

If a language is luckyProvide support toA powerful operational architecture must be a good language
If a language supports the framework architecture used by a good lob developer, it is not necessarily a good language (but it must be the framework developer and the packer: for example, for web app C / S architecture, the packer not only encapsulates a very basic abstract model interface, but also provides ready-made callable functions. Refer to WSGI interface, Django framework / rack interface, webrick server and ror framework12122) 4 5
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https://www.zhihu.com/questio…Laravel provided by the packer provides a large number of helper functions that look like PHP built-in. These custom global helper methods are widely used in the core of the framework, which is the result of reuse and elegance as much as possible
They solve problems at different levels and pay different attention to problems; PackerconsumptionType system given by the type system designer
https://segmentfault.com/a/11…Type system designer

Even a small achievement is the result of layered solution of complex problems. This is invisible: how the type system designer helps the packer.