Some time ago in the development of a broadcast function, online also found some library, did not find very easy to use, so I took the time to write a, inGithubMore than 60 harvests a daystarFirst of all, I would like to thank you for your forwarding on WeiboTXScrollLabelViewI know more people who need it, and I really appreciate your Tucao and make complaints about it.TXScrollLabelViewV1.1.1 version, in this version, we make complaints about micro-blog’s Tucao and suggestions, and optimize them. Currently supportedCocoaPodsWe will support it in the futureCarthage. GitHub address:TXScrollLabelView

pod search TXScrollLabelView

-> TXScrollLabelView (1.1.1)
   The best way to show & display such as adverts,boardcast,OnSale e.g. with a
   pod 'TXScrollLabelView', '~> 1.1.1'
   - Homepage: https://github.com/tingxins/TXScrollLabelView
   - Source:   https://github.com/tingxins/TXScrollLabelView.git
   - Versions: 1.1.1 [master repo]

TXScrollLabelView ?

TXScrollLabelViewIt is a scrolling view that can quickly access user-defined tags, and can be displayed in the promotion bar, headline bar, broadcast bar, advertising bar, etc




Support scrolling type

Now?TXScrollLabelViewFour scrolling types are supported:

  • TXScrollLabelViewTypeLeftRight: scroll from right to left in a single line

  • TXScrollLabelViewTypeUpDown: scrolling from bottom to top

  • TXScrollLabelViewTypeFlipRepeat: scroll from bottom to top

  • TXScrollLabelViewTypeFlipNoRepeat: scroll from bottom to top in a single line

the other dayGitHubIt was suggestedscrollVelocityFor the related types of failure problems, now all have been solved, the above four typesscrollVelocityAll of them. Later will continue to add more features to meet more needs.

How to access?

At present, it supports two ways of integrationTXScrollLabelView:

  • usecocoaPods

    platform :ios, ‘7.0’
    pod ‘TXScrollLabelView’

  • Manual

    `Clone 'or' downloadzip 'to the local, and then manually drag and drop the files in the' txscrolllabelview 'folder to the project. When using' # "import" txscrolllabelview. H '".

How to use it?

Direct code:

//1. Get the scrolling content
NSString *scrollTitle = @"xxxxxx";
//2. Create txscrolllabelview
TXScrollLabelView *scrollLabelView = [TXScrollLabelView scrollWithTitle:scrollTitle type:0 velocity:3 options:UIViewAnimationOptionTransitionFlipFromTop];
//3. Start rolling
[scrollLabelView beginScrolling];

See demo for more information