Two ways to solve the problem of unable to empty the recycle bin what if the computer cannot empty the recycle bin?


If we want to delete a file in the computer system, we usually right-click and select Delete. At this time, the file is moved to the recycle bin by default. Only by clicking empty recycle bin can we delete this file. However, some users find that the file is not deleted after clicking empty recycle bin. At this time, they can refer to the following two methods to solve the problem of unable to empty recycle bin.

Method 1:

1. Enter explorer and open “Folder Options”;

2. Switch to “view”, check “Hide protected operating system files” and “show hidden files and folders”, and click OK;

3. After setting, find the “recycler” folder in each disk partition in turn and delete its contents.

Method 2:

1. Open the resource manager, right-click the disk where the deleted file is located, and select “properties”;

2. Switch to “tools” and click “start checking” in the “error checking” column;

3. Check “automatically repair file system errors” and “scan and try to repair bad sectors”, then click “start”. After the repair is completed, try to empty the recycle bin.

When emptying the recycle bin does not work in the computer, you can choose one of the above methods to solve it. I hope this article will be helpful to your study.