Two simple methods to remove Web text watermark


When we browse some websites, we may want to copy the content above when we see a good web page, but some websites add an interference code at the end of each text – text with the same color as the background in order to prevent others from copying. There are many ways to clear the text watermark, mainly in two ways: manually clear it in word and use the browser plug-in to clear it.
  1. Remove “interference code” by color replacement

After selecting a piece of pre copied content (including text watermark) in the web page, you will find that the “interference code” composed of numbers and letters is inserted at the front and back of each line. Paste them “Ctrl V” in word, but many web pages can’t see these interference codes because the default “interference code” character is white.
We can change word to the display mode of “white characters on blue background”, clearly see the invalid characters, and then use the difference of font color to clear the “interference code” at one time.
Click “edit → replace”, click “advanced” under “find content”, select “font” in the “format” at the bottom of the interface, select white in the “all fonts → font color” drop-down list, and return to the previous interface after confirmation. The “replace with” column does not need any setting and can be left blank. After clicking the “replace all” button, all those “interference codes” will be deleted. Interference codes of other colors can also be removed in a similar way.
  2. Use browser plug-in to shield web page “interference code”

Users using Maxthon browser can install the plug-in “clear troubles” (which can be downloaded from Maxthon website) to directly block the “text watermark” on the web page. After enabling the plug-in, click the “clear troubles” down arrow button on the toolbar, select “clear hidden text” in the pop-up menu, and then copy and paste according to the conventional method.
Users using Firefox browser can also use cleanhide to mask text watermark. Its latest version is cleanhide1 0.3, applicable to Firefox: version 1.5 ~ 2.0.0. After installation, restart Firefox. Then click “view → toolbar → customize” in the program menu bar, and drag the “clear hidden text” button to the toolbar in the list of the pop-up window. After that, when a page containing “text watermark” is encountered, click this button to clear it.

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