Two pieces of code are enough


As a professional editor with a little understanding of programming, how can bad banks get better? Anyone who dares to touch the computer will use the code to scare them to death!

Let’s start with the first pop-up Code:

Msgbox “content a” + Chr (13) + “content B” + Chr (13) + “content C”, 1, “title”

Copy them to the text, change the suffix to“.vbs”You can double-click to execute.

Among them, “msgbox” represents the pop-up warning of windows system, content a, content B and content C are the text that you want to display on the pop-up window, and “title” is the content similar to the system warning in the upper left corner of the pop-up window. In addition, in“Title”The number “1” in front represents the style of calling system button, which can also be changed into 2, 3 and 4. There are 4 button styles for you to choose. The code for writing the content should be

Msgbox “the computer is about to explode” + Chr (13) + “please leave your seat within 15 seconds” + Chr (13) + “otherwise you will die! “, 1,” system self explosion warning“

The following picture shows the button styles of 2-4. Please fill in whichever you like!

Only pop ups, visual effects are there, but the lack of shock! You need to have a good voice to scare people.

So we need to have some voice sermons.

Create a new text document and copy the following code into it

CreateObject (“SAPI. Spvoice”). Speak “content”

Type in what you want the computer to say“content”Section, also saved as“.vbs”The suffix is enough. The computer can read your input directly.

If you say these files don’t double-click to run, they won’t work. What, won’t you hide them and add them to the startup project?

Control panel – Administrative Tools – schedule tasks, select on the right“Create tasks”, select from the tabs above“trigger”, new trigger set to“Daily”After, change the start task to“Startup time”Or when you want pop ups and voice, it’s done.

These two codes can be used to warn, integrate and even pretend to be an old driver to express his love to the goddess. How to play flexibly depends on whether your brain hole is big enough!