Two methods of using regular in JavaScript


In JavaScript, there are two ways to use regular expressions. One is to create an instance of regular expression, but to use the methods related to regular expression in string objects
Regular expression object
Two creation methods
var my_regex=/[a-z]+/g; 
var my_regex=new (“[a-z]+”,”g”);
Exec (string) performs regular processing on strings and returns matching results  
Test (string) to test whether the string contains matching results
Regular in string objects
Match (pattern) performs regular matching according to the pattern. If it matches, it returns the matching result. If it does not match, it returns null
Search (pattern) performs regular matching according to the pattern. If a result is matched, it returns its index number; Otherwise – 1 is returned
Replace (pattern, replacement) performs regular matching according to the pattern and replaces the matching result with replacement
Split (pattern) performs regular segmentation according to the pattern and returns a divided array

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