Two computers with a set of keyboard and mouse operation method


The method is as follows:
1. First, you need to know the IP addresses of the two computers. The IP address can be obtained through the run box in the computer start menu, enter CMD, and enter ipconfig in the pop-up dialog box. Write down the IP addresses of the two computers.
2. Both computers need to download and install the synergy software.
3. First, run synergy software on computer a and select share this computer’s keyboard and mouse
To set computer a as the host, and then click advance to configure it.
4. In advance, fill in the computer IP address as screen name. Fill in the screen name with the IP address of computer a previously obtained. The last two items need not be changed. Click OK.
5. In the main interface, click Configure to configure. In screen name, click the + button to fill in the IP addresses of computers a and B, and fill in the link rules. The rules are a is left of B and B is right of A
6. Click hotkeys to set the shortcut key, and click the + key to add the shortcut key (press and hold the keyboard shortcut key combination). Correspondingly, add the corresponding action of shortcut key in the dialog box on the right, whether to switch to computer a or computer B. At this point, a computer is set up, click start
7. Computer B runs synergy software, select use another computer’s shared keyboard and mouse, and fill in the IP address of computer a. Note here is the IP address of computer a. Then click start.
8. So. A set of mouse and keyboard control two computers. Mouse and keyboard can be inserted back into computer a, because computer a has been set as the host. Press and hold the shortcut key combination to switch. Here, I press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + w to switch to host a, and press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + X to switch to computer B.