[tutorial] SQL format() function



Format() function

The format() function is used to format the display of fields.

SQL format() syntax

SELECT FORMAT(column_name,format) FROM table_name;

Parameter description

column_ Name is required. The field to format.

Format is required. Specify the format.

Demo database

In this tutorial, we will use the well-known Northwind sample database.

Here is the data selected from the products table:

ProductID    ProductName                SupplierID    CategoryID    Unit                Price

1                    Chais                            1                1            10 boxes x 20 bags18

2                    Chang                            1                        1                    24 – 12 oz bottles19

3                    Aniseed Syrup                1                2                        12 – 550 ml bottles10

4                    Chef Anton’s Cajun Seasoning            2            2                        48 – 6 oz jars21.35

5                    Chef Anton’s Gumbo Mix                2                2                36 boxes25

SQL format() instance

The following SQL statement selects the product name and the price of the day (formatted as yyyy-mm-dd) from the “products” table:


SELECT ProductName, Price, FORMAT(Now(),’YYYY-MM-DD’) AS PerDate

FROM Products;

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