Tutorial on using dupeguru to find and remove duplicate files on Linux systems


brief introduction

One of the thorny problems for us is that the disk is full. No matter how careful we are, we can always copy the same file to many different places, or download the same file repeatedly without knowing it. Therefore, sooner or later, you will see the error prompt “disk is full”. If we really need some disk space to store important data at this time, the above situation is undoubtedly the worst. Dupeguru may help you if you are sure you have duplicate files on your system.
The dupeguru team also developed an application named dupeguru music edition to remove duplicate music files, and an application named dupeguru picture edition to remove duplicate picture files.
1. dupeguru (Standard Version)

Need to tell those who are not familiardupeGuru It is a free, open source, cross platform application. Its purpose is to find and remove duplicate files in the system. It can be used on Linux, windows, and Mac OS X platforms. By using a fast fuzzy matching algorithm, it can find duplicate files in a few minutes. At the same time, you can also adjust dupeguru to accurately find duplicate files of specific file types and clear certain files from the files you want to delete. It supports English, French, German, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Italian, Armenian, Russian, Ukrainian, Brazilian and Vietnamese.
Install dupeguru in Ubuntu 14.10/14.04/13.10/13.04/12.04

Dupeguru developers have built an Ubuntu PPA (personal package archives) to simplify the installation process. To install dupeguru, type the following commands in the terminal:


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The codes are as follows:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:hsoft/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install dupeguru-se


It is very easy to use. You can launch dupeguru from the unity panel or menu.
201569172145530.png (422×368)

Click the + button at the bottom to add the file directory you want to scan. Click the scan button to start searching for duplicate files.
201569172220378.png (422×368)

Once the selected directory contains duplicate files, it will display the duplicate files in the window. As you can see, in the screenshot below, there is a duplicate file in my download directory.
201569172244818.png (632×544)

Now you can decide what to do next. You can delete the duplicate file, rename it, or copy / move it to another location. To do this, select the duplicate file, or select the option “show duplicates only” written in the menu bar. If you select the option “show duplicates only”, only the duplicate files will be visible in the window, so that you can easily select and delete these files. Click the “operation” drop-down menu, and finally select the operation you will perform. Here, I just want to delete duplicate files, so I choose the “move marked files to the trash” option.
201569172302087.png (457×267)

Next, click the “continue” option to remove the duplicate files.
201569172319096.png (402×300)

2. dupeguru Music Edition

Dupeguru Music EditionOr dupeguru me for short. Its function is similar to dupeguru. It has all the functions of dupeguru, but it contains more information columns (such as bit rate, duration, label, etc.) and more scan types (such as file name with field, label, and audio content). Like dupeguru, dupeguru me runs on Linux, windows, and Mac OS X.

It supports many formats, such as MP3, wma, AAC (iTunes format), Ogg, FLAC, and AAC and wma formats with less distortion.
Install dupeguru me in Ubuntu 14.10/14.04/13.10/13.04/12.04

Now, we don’t need to add any more PPA, because we have already added it in the previous steps. So type the following command in the terminal to install it:


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The codes are as follows:

sudo apt-get install dupeguru-me


You can launch it from the unity panel or menu. The usage, operation interface and appearance of dupeguru me are similar to those of normal dupeguru. Add the directory you want to scan and select the action you want to perform. Duplicate music files will be deleted.
201569172338705.png (632×544)

3. dupeguru picture version

Dupeguru picture Edition, or duepguru PE for short, is a tool to find duplicate pictures on your computer. It is similar to dupeguru, but has the unique function of matching repeated pictures. Dupeguru PE runs on Linux, windows, and Mac OS X.

Dupeguru PE supports JPG, PNG, tiff, GIF, BMP and other image formats. All these formats can be compared at the same time. Dupeguru PE for Mac OS X also supports PSD and raw (CR2 and Nef) formats.
Install dupeguru PE in Ubuntu 14.10/14.04/13.10/13.04/12.04

Since we have already added PPA, we do not have to add it again for dupeguru PE. Just run the following command to install it.


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The codes are as follows:

sudo apt-get install dupeguru-pe


In terms of usage, operation interface and appearance, it is similar to dupeguru and dupeguru me. I wonder why developers have developed different versions for different categories. I think it would be better to develop an application that combines the functions of the above three versions.

Start it, add the directories you want to scan, and select the actions you want to perform. In this way, your duplicate files will be cleared.
201569172358725.png (632×544)

If some duplicate files cannot be removed due to any security problems, please note the location of these files and manually delete them through the terminal or file manager.


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