Turn the Rubik’s cube into the cloud, and improve the management of information service.


Technology is changing the way of communication and habits of people’s life and work. There are endless social applications and new ways to play with news, which is behind the constant innovation and promotion of Internet communication cloud service providers such as rongyun in technology and service fields. Recently, in the “ALL IN” action, the fusion cloud has launched five service systems: “rock”, “bag”, “Ark”, “magic cube” and “Linglong”. Among them, the “magic cube” is a message management service that represents the advanced technology of the industry. It mainly provides services for developers who need new gameplay and new functions to provide signalling SDK, diversified messages, message centers and chat rooms.

Turn the Rubik's cube into the cloud, and improve the management of information service.

Rongyun “magic cube” message management service

Signaling SDK — a distributed RTC architecture embodying advanced nature.signallingStable and reliable

The demand of Internet communication for signaling SDK is everywhere, and every information transmission between terminals is awakened by signaling. Rongyun “magic cube” can provide developers with stable and reliable signaling SDKs, mainly for real-time scenarios such as audio and video calls, conference control, live broadcast and Internet of things (IOT) control. The message channel based on TCP protocol is compatible with mainstream audio and video SDKs, and supports offline push and self-defined messages. Signaling is not lost or disordered, which can help customers quickly build reliable and scalable real-time control scenarios and improve the end-user call experience.

The existing real-time audio and video in the industry is generally based on the distributed and cascaded RTC Architecture – signaling server and media server are closely coupled. In this design mode, if there is an abnormal state between the media service and signaling service, the whole call will be disconnected, and the stability and reliability of information transmission between users are difficult to guarantee. Rongyun replaces the signaling server with the im channel of rongyun, which provides developers with a distributed RTC architecture innovatively. In short, the signaling SDK of rongyun is to push a piece of data from one end to the other through a long connected and always online channel, not only to ensure that the channel is always available, and every instruction is not lost, but also to arrive at the fastest speed.

In this way, the signaling server and the media server are completely decoupled, and the signaling service and the media service do not need state synchronization, which solves the problem of information reaching rate and stability. When the user is online, the call arrival rate is 100%; when the user is offline, rongyun’s built-in signaling message supports offline notification, which is stored for 7 days by default. After the user is online, he can receive all signaling messages during the offline period. At the same time, rongyun also provides a variety of solutions to meet the different development demands of developers.

Diversification news is based on the various expansion capabilities and applications of the message, reflecting the advanced technology of the industry.

Based on the expansion and novel application of various capabilities of message, “magic cube” can provide diversified message types, mainly including: small video message, new voice message, voice progress bar, voice message forwarding, voice to text, message voice changing, dynamic expression, business card, GIF picture message, quick reply, message merging and forwarding, conversation list quick entry, burning after reading, real-time intercom And so on. Among them, the new voice message, voice progress bar, voice message forwarding are new ways of the industry’s first play, representing the advanced nature of the industry technology, can help customers in the industry scene, to achieve high quality and flexible application of messages, increase the end-user stickiness.

Turn the Rubik's cube into the cloud, and improve the management of information service.

Diversified news

The new voice message is that rongyun provides voice data with a sampling rate of up to 44K for customers with high voice quality requirements. The voice quality can achieve the effect of lossless music presentation. At present, the voice quality of voice messages in small programs is generally low, and the speech clarity and restoration degree are not satisfactory. Fundamentally speaking, this is because of the limitation of 128K message body in data transmission, which leads to the current cloud manufacturers only providing 8K voice message sampling rate to save the size of message package, so that more data content can be transmitted in a message body. The new voice message of rongyun stores the audio data to be transmitted to the server, only transmits the URL address, which completely gets rid of the limitation of data transmission. Compared with the 8K message sampling rate in the industry, the audio quality of 44K message is greatly improved, and the restoration frequency is enough to meet the real reproduction requirements of various sounds.

Voice progress bar is also a new function provided by rongyun to developers. Take wechat as an example, a 60 second long voice needs to be heard again when the user accidentally presses the wrong button to return when listening, and the voice progress bar function can freely select and intercept any part of the voice, without having to listen all the time to get the required information. At the same time, “magic cube” also provides voice message forwarding service. When the user intercepts the required important voice segments, he can directly forward the voice message, which solves the pain point that the user can not directly forward the voice message in some specific security scenarios, but can only turn to the text first and then send the screenshot.

In addition, the “small video message” that captures and shares interesting life stories, the “business card” that introduces new friends, the “dynamic expression” that is full of children’s interest, the “GIF picture message”, the “message change voice” that is transformed into Kawaii voice line, and the “quick reply”, “quick access to conversation list”, “burn after reading” that are time-saving and labor-saving are all customer growth industries It is a “secret weapon” to improve the retention rate of users.

Message center and chat room messages – providing basic message support services for enterprises

In the Internet communication, the fusion cloud also provides other advanced information support services for the enterprise operation, such as message center, chat room message base, etc.

Message center.In order to facilitate customers to quickly start operation activities, and optimize strategies according to data statistics results, “magic cube” provides a complete message center function module in the app, which supports sending coupon reminders, activity notifications and other operation messages. Through visual message creation and post release, customers can intuitively count operation data. Before opening this service, developers can use the public account configured by rongyun to have demo experience. The message center interface defaults to five types of messages: transaction information, system notice, activity benefits, community message, interactive message. Messages are sent using the message center management platform, and the messages sent will be displayed on the demo client.

Chat room message library.“Magic cube” can support text, voice, pictures, likes, gifts, bullet screens and other message types. It also supports the realization of its own business logic through custom message expansion, which is convenient for developers to quickly build live chat rooms and greatly saves the development and operation costs of video live products. For example, in the live broadcast scenario, when members of the chat room like the host, some users will click continuously. Developers can merge such messages and set timers to send them centrally every 5 seconds, which not only reduces the server pressure, but also ensures the smooth flow of other important messages.


Based on many years of industry exploration experience, the fusion cloud provides advanced customer service and various message types to the Internet customers through the “Rubik’s Cube” service. It not only satisfies the innovative and diversified demands of developers, but also solves the real pain points of users. It hopes to help developers create more “fun” through the “Rubik’s Cube” service in the future. Application and “cool” function, and service as an important support of product technology, further improve user satisfaction.

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On November 30, rongyun will hold the 2019 global Internet communication cloud Conference (wicc 2019) in Shanghai, which is the first industry technology conference around Internet communication cloud technology in the world. At present, the free registration channel of the conference is opening in limited time. Developers can apply for free tickets through the official website of the conference (wicc. Rongcloud. CN), and participate in the content sharing of all sessions of the main venue and technical sub forum during the wicc 2019 conference.