Trust uses vscode to debug the environment


1. Install vscode plug-ins RLS (vscode search plug-in RLS) and lldb (vscode search plug-in codelldb)

2. Configure lldb debug file

//Launch.json configuration content of lldb
"version": "0.2.0",
    "configurations": [
            "Name": "trust", // configuration name, which will be displayed in the debugging configuration drop-down list
            "Type": "lldb"; GDB and lldb use cppdbg. This value is automatically generated
            "Request": "launch", // debugging method
            "Program": "${workspaceroot} / target / debug / HelloWorld"
            "Args": [], // parameters passed to the above program. If there are no parameters, just leave them blank
            "Stopatentry": false, // whether to stop at the entry point of the program (i.e. at the beginning of the main function) (at present, it does not stop)
            "CWD": "${workspaceroot}"
            "environment": [],
            "Externalconsole": false, // whether to display the console window during debugging (currently not displayed)
            //"Prelaunchtask": "build", // execute task.json in advance
            "Mimode": "lldb" // debug program under mac

As shown in the figure:

Trust uses vscode to debug the environment

Trust uses vscode to debug the environment

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