Troubleshooting system errors Ubuntu 10.10 “waiting for sound system to response”


I executed this command under root, and there will be no error
Original address:Ubuntu 10.10 “waiting for sound system to respond”Author: Xiaobo

I have been upgrading and installing Ubuntu. Recently, I upgraded to 10.10. I found that the sound device is abnormal and cannot be set. If you click the small horn on the upper right, “waiting for sound system to response” will appear.
Find the following recovery methods through query theory and other forums.
pulseaudio –start -D
Note that this command is not allowed to be executed by the root user. You need to switch to other users. It is found that the sound system returns to normal after execution.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been logging in as root.

Add: at present, the above command can also be executed under the root user. Although it will prompt that you do not want to execute in the root mode, it should be executed successfully. A sign indicating the volume appears on the small horn