[treetop technology headline] Wednesday, April 20, 2022, there are too many sweets!


Conflux community dynamics
1. [network status] conflux network computing power ≈ 1.84t, token transfer TPS ≈ 1667, 318k transactions yesterday, 261.667k new accounts and 24 new contracts yesterday.
2. [POS parameter] POS has 92m total positions, 136 nodes, 17.1% annual interest rate (theoretical calculation), and 1.58M cumulative interest.
3. [airdrop candy] @ swappidex & @ conflux_ Network & @ celernetwork & @ realmasknetwork will jointly present $2000 candy to 40 winners at 23:00 UTC, April 18-21.
4. [media news] the famous defi TVL tracks and analyzes the media @ defillama twitter. It is noted that swappi’s liquidity has exceeded $42m, and the latter has more than 20000 followers.
5. [overseas community] on Thursday, April 21, conflux Spanish community will carry out AMA activities in the telegraph group.
6. [cooperation project] @ multichainorg announced the winners of the second cross chain activity. The winning address needs to apply for exquisite NFT before April 26.
7. [digital collection] taopai platform will launch the digital collection of “Dunhuang Kabuki music picture” at 14:00 today.
8. [community dynamics] ABC pool and consensus mine voted for 146 FC addresses of conflux\4 Dao respectively, and dropped 300cfx + 300abc and 200cfx.

9. [disclaimer] this article only represents personal views and does not constitute investment suggestions. Investment should be cautious.

Look at the headlines of the tree chart and pay attention to the innovation and development of China’s public chain
One stop whole network resources (update community public POS ore pool)