[treetop technology headline] Tuesday, March 29, 2022


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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Conflux community dynamics
1. [network status] conflux network computing power ≈ 1.4T, real-time TPS ≈ 1.5, 58K transactions yesterday, 2.228k new accounts and 4 new contracts yesterday.
2. [POS parameters] POS has 81m positions, 111 nodes, 17.4% annual interest rate (theoretical calculation), and 886k cumulative interest.
3. [media news] according to non small app reports, conflux will hold AMA activities with Geoff Le Fevre on March 30.
4. [ecological project] Hezi shituotuo project has not reached its goal, so the project has been suspended and returned to its personal address. All participating addresses will receive blind box airdrop according to the input quota.
5. [Russian community] it is reported that onus, a defi platform with more than 2 million users from 20 countries, has added cfx/vnd and cfx/usdt transaction pairs.
6. [irresponsible spoilers] in order to respond to the voice of the community, triangle is expected to cooperate with moonswap on Espace and may integrate a new set of products.
7. [irresponsible spoiler] is the recent market fluctuation related to the upcoming launch of an overseas project called swappi? Others said it was because CNHC updated the UI interface.

8. [disclaimer] this article only represents personal views and does not constitute investment suggestions. Investment should be cautious.

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One stop network wide resources (update community public POS ore pool)