[tree technology headline] Monday, April 18, 2022


Conflux community dynamics
1. [network status] conflux network computing power ≈ 1.5T, token transfer TPS ≈ 1156, the number of transactions yesterday was 320K, 251.51k accounts were added, and 14 contracts were added yesterday.
2. [POS parameter] POS has 79M total positions, 136 nodes, 18.4% annual interest rate (theoretical calculation), and 1.51m cumulative interest.
3. [official event] kucoin United conflux_ At 10:00 (UTC) on April 18, network held the telegraph community AMA activity, and 12500cfx rewards will be dropped randomly.
4. [technology community] yesterday, conflux review team conducted online review on 132 ABC pool, 115 on camera L2 stage and 095 play II L2 stage.
5. [community dynamics] taopai club was officially renamed as “Yu San” and held the “BBQ Wulin conference” AMA yesterday. The heads of five Dao organizations, art101, lantern Dao, creator alliance, fun Committee and BBQ Action Committee, participated in the activity.
6. [ecological project] the TVL of swappi head mine has exceeded 35.48 million U. The well-known netizen @ Wu wusheng (Dionysus) supported and participated in swappi on twitter.
7. [ecological project] little safflower, together with Miss puff club and seedao, released the digital collection of epidemic prevention and control time of “salute the rebel” (free and limited).
8. [ecological project] the airdrop of the medal commemorating the first anniversary of the “roasted baby watcher program” of roasted baby tide is being registered. The snapshot time is 18:00 on April 19. Please contact the customer service of tide tide tide if you hold the “fool” you Tongle.
9. [project sharing] the Olympic digital collection app based on conflux will be launched soon, and limited airdrop is being distributed in various ways.

10. [disclaimer] this article only represents personal views and does not constitute investment suggestions. Investment should be cautious.

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