[tree technology headline] Friday, April 15, 2022


Conflux community dynamics
1. [network status] conflux network computing power ≈ 1.6T, token transfer TPS ≈ 159, 124k transactions yesterday, 214.546k new accounts and 36 new contracts yesterday.
2. [POS parameter] POS has 78m positions, 135 nodes, 18.5% annual interest rate (theoretical calculation), and 1.41M cumulative interest.
3. [Dao vote] conflux dao# 12’s fourth vote on the use of ecological fund is in progress. Up to now, 1.16M FC supports all destruction, 108k CFX supports “3” liquidity incentive plan, and the vote will be closed in one day. III. The ABC ore pool will vote by air.
4. [airdrop benefits] Mason x swappidex x conflux joint airdrop. Users who use swappi & cspace cspace cross chain bridge as required before April 16 can get 500 MSN and 0.005cfx.
5. [technology community] conflux review team will conduct online review on ABC pool No. 132 at 14:30 on April 17.
6. [technology community] yesterday, all members of the CTN team and Tiktok science blogger Lvlv had a live discussion on crypto tech night’s Twitter space.
7. [ecological project] zverse star map bit put on the shelves yesterday, the first surreal digital art work on sale – “masked man”.
8. [ecological project] moonswap is voting in the community to decide whether to launch TAD & ausd trading pairs.
9. [community dynamics] the Dao voting of ABC pool has been launched. The sponsors and voting groups are all granted to ABC holders. The first round of Dao voting will determine the output of ABC.

10. [disclaimer] this article only represents personal views and does not constitute investment suggestions. Investment should be cautious.

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