Tree lists files in tree format


When you show others the contents of your own CD-ROM, or list the data in a directory on your hard disk, the tree command is quite convenient, and can make the contents displayed clear and orderly. Don’t say anything, picture above. By the way, review the CD command.

Of course, you may not be satisfied with just grabbing a picture for others. You may also want to import this information into a file, process it, and then send it out. Then, please use this command: tree > tree list.txt In this way, all the information is saved to list.txt It’s in the file.

For more commands, please use tree /? In the CMD window (in fact, there are only two parameters).

It’s likely that it’s just a simple command, just a blink of an eye, to solve your big problem, this is the simplicity of CMD, this is the power of CMD!

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