[tree chart technology headline] Monday, March 28, 2022


Conflux community dynamics
1. [network status] conflux network computing power ≈ 1.2t, real-time TPS ≈ 1.5, the number of transactions yesterday was 66K, and the new account was 0.793k
2. [POS parameters] POS has 81m positions, 111 nodes, 17.5% annual interest rate (theoretical calculation), and 849k cumulative interest.
3. [overseas community] conflux labs x chainide: the Hydra developer training camp will be held on April 2, and participants can share 7000usdt awards.
4. [ecological project] triangle (triangle agreement) released a bi weekly report (03.14 – 03.27), and made steady progress in V2 version development, cooperation with certik, market expansion and Multi Chain deployment.
5. [ecological project] the Hezi shituoling series NFT crowdfunding pool is open to OKC, conflux, bnbchain and polygon, and will end tonight.
6. [ecological project] No. 130 a multi currency mixed swap contract and its experimental operation platform apply for ecological project approval.
7. [ecological project] No. 131 a-pool an acfx (crc20 token) with POS interest and a commercial operation platform apply for ecological project approval.
8. [recruitment information] with 1.5 million + users, the first NFT selling platform focusing on museum collections, the “double mirror Museum” is recruiting back-end development, front-end development, product manager, UI design, test engineer, working in Shanghai and Beijing, with favorable treatment.
9. [digital collection] at 14:00 p.m. on March 28, “tide tiger” IP will launch “vogue tiger” series blind boxes on taopai platform.

10. [disclaimer] this article only represents personal views and does not constitute investment suggestions. Investment should be cautious.

Look at the tree chart headlines and pay attention to the innovation and development of China’s public chain
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