[translation] how mashape manages 15000 APIs and microservices (I)



Mashape provides API driven software. Thousands of developers use our tools to manage, monitor, consume and provide APIs to their partners, applications, customers and employees. In fact, hundreds of millions of API calls are processed by mashape’s market every month.

I’m Ahmad nassri, director of engineering at mashape. Before that, I was the development manager of CBC. During this period, I spent many years developing web and mobile API products in startups and commercial companies.

Engineering team

I am happy to work with mashape’s team of engineers because they are well trained. We are a team, but our responsibilities are managed according to the project. Now we have three main projects:

  • API Market

  • Kong

  • Mashape Analytics (later renamed “Galieo”)

Our team is in San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Paris and London. We face the challenges of scheduling, communicating and synchronizing information. In order to overcome this difficulty, we adopt the model of constructing open source software; Ensure that all communication is clear and transparent, ensure asynchronous communication, andFlowdockKeep all communication channels open at all times. Usually, if there is a need for future discussion, they will jump directly to Google hangouts.

Despite focusing on their responsibilities, the team of engineers is not squatting in the storeroom by themselves. We encourage everyone to make changes in all parts of the code base, across all projects; In fact, most of our work in a week will be on mashape analytics, marketing and mashapeid.

Mashape’s design team works with the team of engineers every day. After the mobile phone engineers’ suggestions and users’ feedback, we can design the best developer experience from the perspective of users as the first priority. Because we are engineers and developers, this is very helpful!

We normally hold an hour meeting every Monday to review last week’s work and set goals for the new week.

[translation] how mashape manages 15000 APIs and microservices (I)

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[translation] how mashape manages 15000 APIs and microservices (I)