Translate words with different meanings through dictionary in MAC


What should we do when we encounter some words with different meanings in our daily work? In fact, don’t worry, because there are two small applications in our Mac that can help us solve this problem. One of them is the dictionary widget that users are familiar with. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to another small application dictionary with the same function.

How to use dictionary:


1. Open the dictionary in the application folder.

2. Enter a word in the search field with a magnifying glass pattern.

3. A group of words matching the search criteria will appear in the panel below the field. Please select the word you want to check and press return.

4. Dictionary will display the meaning of this word. After the meaning of the word, there is Thesaurus (synonym dictionary), which introduces all synonyms and antonyms of the word.

5. If the text on the interface is difficult to read or does not look beautiful, please click the “enlarge word level” button (large a) or the “reduce word level” button (small a) to change the font size.

Now users don’t have to worry about words they don’t understand. They can choose dictionary or dictionary widget to easily translate it without wasting a lot of time.