Transcript of Beijing gathering of blockchain workshop


Start a business

Host: our first theme today is entrepreneurship.

Tan Zhiyong: I have worked in the Agricultural Bank of China for seven years. After I came out, I served as the technical director of blockchain company, and then I came out to do my own work. In the last company, the technology is blockchain technology, but at least for now, it is not the direction of future development. The public chain is the direction I can see in the future. What we do is Oracle chain, which is a Oracle machine based on EOS, which directly and efficiently connects the blockchain technical services with various demand scenarios in real life.

Before we first thought about this idea, we actually discussed it for a long time. But what exactly? For example, bitcoin is the embodiment of a value and the realization of a value conversion. Is there anything else that really matters? I am also aware of this issue in the blockchain Association of the Ministry of industry and information technology. At that time, I saw a lot of strange projects. We thought that this project could also be used for 2000W. If we were qualified in our industry, it would be easier to do anything. ICO is indeed a financing condition. In the past, looking for angel investment may give you various harsh conditions. And you may have no way to put your mind on technology. OK, at least in the ICO way, there are at least some high-quality projects that will at least want to do something really meaningful. Maybe before, the advantage is that programmers are at the bottom. Go forward, including JS front-end, including products, including operations. Blockchain is just a technology. Finally, in the larger direction, it is still necessary to serve the real economy. In a small way, it will eventually affect the life of Lao Baixin. Just like, 10 years ago, we can’t see so much. I also went to an IBM certification. It was around 2001 and 2002. The idea put forward by IBM is that Ali will do these things 10 years later. He said that e-commerce is divided into many levels. The most primary is to do a website to do publicity, and then do CRM to do customer relationship. It includes ERM, information resource management and even supply chain. He thought ahead of time. But they couldn’t do it at that time. No company could. But don’t be careful, as time goes on, as technology accumulates. You see, now the Internet has completely changed people’s lives. Including scanning code payment, buying a takeaway, including overseas purchase. Then again, how to do a blockchain entrepreneurship is to experience it. How to put it? In April and may this year, 56 core people went to discuss this issue. We must make a token. I can see it in coinmarket cap, right. It’s cool to see our token. But you think about it, now we have done it. According to our ranking, it is about 150. This is the actual data. The website has not been completely updated. When we have this idea, how long will it take us to realize it? In fact, it will not be long. It will only take three to four months. But as you can see, this is only the last sprint. It’s hard to start a business because of the accumulation. All my previous experiences are a kind of wealth. Now we have recruited some people, plus our co-founder, now there are more than 10 people, a small company. Our own project, although said that the blockchain technology is from technology to application. But we have invested a lot in technology. Our investment in patents is not only in the currency circle. If token is called currency circle, it ranks No.1. This is what we do. Even if there are great changes in the application layer in the future, we must grasp the bottom layer. This means that we have a good foundation. Do something more technically. In a word, if you really want to start a business, planning is OK, but there are a lot of accidents, but there is one thing, you must enter the industry. Do things in a down-to-earth manner and accumulate. The probability of future success will also be greater. And entrepreneurship must be a continuous process, it must be very tired.

Tiger: I have a question. Maybe everyone is interested. Because it is relatively risky to start a business. We all want the existing team to get a sum of money and then come out. How did you solve the problem when the European chain was established.

Tan Zhiyong: entrepreneurship is a process of resource integration. Financing depends on whether your foundation is solid or not. At that time, our idea came out and got financing soon. Including institutional investment, coin capital came in very early.

Tiger: before you get the financing, you all have your own jobs, right?

Tan Zhiyong: Yes. As long as you have a good foundation, someone will rush to vote for you. If you need to pull your head, you have to pull your head. But you have a good foundation and a good idea. Because of your past experience, your team’s experience, you can support these things. Even if your project is not very good, it doesn’t matter if you turn around. We will contact with Xiaolai teacher, and Xiaolai teacher will vote for you.

Ipinko: investment.

Tan Zhiyong: in the blockchain industry, there must be no shortage of money. What is lacking must be your skills and a down-to-earth attitude towards doing things.

Higer: so, one of my vision of the Institute is to provide you with an opportunity to find your partner or friend. Try something inside the community. In this way, we will have a good foundation before starting a business.

Tan Zhiyong: including this colleague, I want to write a bitcoin client with JS. That’s good. It’s not that you have to use it in the end. If you write this out. It’s normal not only to find a job, but also to join an entrepreneurial team to help them take charge of a basic direction. There are a lot of opportunities here. But at present, most people engaged in blockchain are very impetuous. If you are willing to do things in a down-to-earth manner. Then your chances will be much more than theirs.

Tiger: our community is making Quyuan currency. We can practice based on Qu yuan currency. For example, the development of the main chain based on Qu yuan currency, the development of side chain, and bifurcation. We can also split a coin, play and so on. You can try anything like this.

Caizi: and mining, browser development, can be. Everyone can participate.

Higer: now Xiaodong and Jiang Hongwei participate in the editorial office, which is in the bamboo slips. Although the study club is good now, our official account and micro website are very happy that people are telling me to do these things on their own initiative. The aim is to give you more opportunities. Including ore, like the IMB that we organized a while ago. There will be more opportunities for everyone later. Later, I will also try. In addition to yesterday’s EOS course, I will also compare some of them quantitatively. For example, we are relatively cattle in our group. We are not called Xing in the group. I also went to Shanghai specially to find them. He will be invited to make quantitative investment on the blockchain. If you are interested, you will bring a group of people to do things. They are also more powerful in the small world. Everyone can participate in it. Want to invest in mining machinery, there is a very powerful group called Dongjie, who will come to Beijing to find me. There will also be a plan. On the one hand, it will make the community bigger, and on the other hand, it will explore many opportunities for everyone to try. Let’s wait and see more opportunities to participate. Inside, we try first and then go out. The foundation is not 0. That’s it. We have a good foundation before starting a business.

Seeing the great opportunities in the field of blockchain, the Internet in 2001 may break out into a big company like Tencent or Alibaba in the next 5-10 years. But since there is such an opportunity. Since you have entered this field so early and caught up with such a wave of technological development, I think it’s a cool thing.

Compare the cognition of tecoin and blockchain

Higer: we must adhere to the guidance of value investment. We must give priority to learning, drive every power with knowledge, and bring wealth through knowledge. With the popularity of the blockchain market, the number of people or talents becomes more and more fierce. For example, our elite group has 500 people, and the whole community has 3000 people. If a project has 1000 people participating in the ICO, the ICO will be able to finance successfully. If 3000 people participate in the construction of the project community, the project will be a success. Therefore, such a large community, for the whole blockchain community, is a force that cannot be underestimated. So the elite group is a group of people with higher cognition, where they stay together and do things together. And a community of 3000 people is equivalent to providing you with a broader world and a place to do more things. So we should have more confidence. Give full play to your ability. Qianchat is the largest live broadcast room of blockchain, with 5000 online EOS users. Jianshu is also a column with the largest number of users. So don’t worry about where you haven’t done it.

Guo Bin: I’m a student of Beihang. My professor and I stressed that blockchain is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Human life is only 100 years. Now it is a very lucky opportunity to encounter blockchain. We mainly do theoretical research on the architecture from the bottom innovation area, including some algorithms of public chain and license chain, including blockchain Internet. Attitudes have been changing across countries. Russia, including Russia, has been reluctant to accept it, but now it is slowly enacting laws. Japan has legalized it. Blockchain now began to emerge the concept of fragmentation, and the blockchain has become more and more mature. In the future, it may become a basis for the issuance of national digital currency. This could be stronger than any other burst. We will now study some Chinese and English papers, some new ideas.

Passerby A: let’s get rid of currency copying and exchanges. I think blockchain is to solve a trust problem. It is not very good to use blockchain technology in any scenario, just like using centralized server.

Tiger: I know a guy in the group. He’s from the real estate agency industry. Most of the real estate agents released their houses in 58 cities. 58 the city collected all the real estate information, and then went to work as a real estate agency. So the biggest confusion of their real estate agents is that my house resources and my clients have been robbed by this centralized organization. In fact, blockchain can solve this problem very well. My data belongs to everyone, and you need to use this data is token. With the token, the intermediary is willing to share the real estate information, and when he shares the house source, he gets the token. The customer can return the token when the transaction is completed. Where does the value it returns come from? From the house in the process of trading, reduce the Commission, and improve the efficiency of matching.

Tan Zhiyong: let me add. If you fully believe in the central node, there is no need to use blockchain. But because human nature is evil, because these institutions are not as good as they think. It’s possible that he’ll do things with public data. So why not say, let’s make a system. Everyone can see my data. For example, there are five big intermediary companies. We all want to share information with each other before, but we don’t trust each other. Then we will build an alliance chain, and I will share information according to this agreement. This is valuable. If there is a boss in our five companies, he will never cheat us, then there is no problem. Today’s inter-bank associations, insurance associations and securities associations. That’s what they do. They don’t need blockchain.

Passerby A: but in the real world, there seems to be almost no such industry.

Ipinko: I think almost no one in the real world deserves 100% trust. I think blockchain is a basic thing. In addition, I think that the most important thing about blockchain is that everyone participates. Just like the blockchain workshop, it is a way for everyone to participate, instead of choosing a leader. We must trust him.

Tan Zhiyong: the development of science and technology must be the process of good money expelling bad money. So, is there any bank holding our money? Although it is ostensibly beautiful, it may be insolvent for a long time. But why can he still do it? Because his accounts are not public. We don’t know how much money he has left. If there is an enterprise in the future, he is willing to use blockchain technology to tell his account to the relevant parties. For example, I am your shareholder and I am your investor. And you can guarantee that you use blockchain technology, and you can’t modify it. Because no one is doing it now. But if he did, would he push the matter on the air gradually. Maybe in the future, I will only be willing to do business with people who publish accounting books, and I will only be willing to invest in such companies. That is, blockchain represents a driving force for the future. Maybe we can’t see it now, because the crows are generally black.

Let me give you another example, such as mutual insurance. And zebra water drop. They are efficient. In fact, we have communication with insurance companies. We pay the premium, more than 80% will do all kinds of expenses. Including commission at all levels, including management fees. We pay 100 yuan, and it is estimated that only 10 yuan will make real compensation. The efficiency is very low. Mutual insurance, after deducting certain operating costs, is about 80% to 85% used for real compensation. But who believed him. Blockchain can do such things. If mutual insurance is doing the operation of this kind of fund and doing case analysis. Can you put all the data on the chain and let everyone supervise you. Because blockchain can trust and tamper with information, it can do such things. There are many things that blockchain can do, far more than you think, but this has a process. Why is blockchain a direction? Because it will change a lot of things. It’s definitely not bitcoin. It may be the way you think, it may be a change in social relations. But this needs a process. Don’t overestimate the short-term impact of blockchain, and don’t underestimate the long-term impact of blockchain. Although the concept of blockchain has been popular in China for nearly two years, it is still a very early stage. Now the entrants can still seize a position, but they must find their own direction.

Xiaotianxia: I understand that. First, code is law. It protects personal property, which is not protected by legislation or by the state. As long as the blockchain network is running all the time. It’s just that the price of the corresponding French currency is high and low. Second, if blockchain is a tool to change finance, it is a tool to change the world. The blockchain will skip asset securitization and become asset monetization. You can spend 1% of your house on shopping. You can even swap your game level for a bottle of mineral water. This kind of thing, I define it as assets directly into monetization. This will make our human wealth flow greatly. For this kind of circulation, various chains will be needed. Third, for the first time, we were trading faster than we were generating. The significance of this is that all our ideas can be stored in blockchain. The significance of this is that it will increase many business opportunities in the future. You make all kinds of things into a chain, and you are the world’s assets. For example, after a chain is recognized by some countries, you can add various modules to the chain, such as real estate. These modules are our ordinary industry can be deeply involved. I understand that. Fourth, if you give me Korean dollar, I will think whether North Korea will perish in the future. I may not take your money. is it? You give me dollars, and I’ll take them. When blockchain becomes a de facto standard, for example, the country is dead. But before that, there was a global currency in circulation, so there was no problem. Finally, I absolutely believe that the key to blockchain is not decentralization, but distribution. Many people do not represent blockchain as a kind of productivity, but as a kind of production relationship. Advanced relations of production should be coordinated by advanced productive forces. From a historical point of view, all the decentralization will eventually become a tool for the use of centralized rights. Rights are only transferred, not disappeared. If, after bitcoin becomes the best storage tool on the earth, does it mean that Nakamoto and Li Xiaolai have become the overlords on the earth. I understand it from the perspective of physical entropy. As long as an object exists, entropy will increase. If there is no continuous energy input, the molecular will not change from disorder to order. The largest animal on the earth is the whale, and there is no bigger animal than the whale, because it is bigger and needs more energy, which may be multiplied. For example, a room with a computer will not be very hot, but 500 can, the original cooling system is not enough, it needs a strong ventilation and cooling system. If human beings need to make a very big thing, the centralized system can’t be completed, only the distributed system can. Through the distributed system, the speed of human generation and consumption will be accelerated, and everyone’s wealth will have an explosive growth, which may surpass any previous period. The friend just now did not say that blockchain is a great opportunity once every 500 years. Maybe you can’t have more wealth than the people who came first, but you’re above average.


Tan Zhiyong: investment and speculation can not be completely separated. I used leverage to speculate in the stock market, and Shanghai Rongzheng did. You have experienced this feeling that life is not equal to death. Only when you understand how to do things, you should do things honestly and solidly. Try to reduce some speculative products. If you want to speculate, then you have to make a complete strategy. That’s really if else’s stuff. Under what circumstances do you need to hold and when you need to increase your position. When you reduce your position and when you need to clear it. It’s totally conditional and can’t be affected by your emotions. I can’t say that I feel better today. I rush in and buy it. I sell it when I see it has gone up a lot. Then you can’t.

Tan Zhiyong: it’s not impossible to copy coins. It means that there is a way, but there must be a way. For example, xiaotianxia has a model. If you are not full-time, you can’t do it. You must lose money. You don’t have to think about it. I also have the experience of copying coins. At present, it has missed three times the 100 times increase. I bought it, it went up a little bit and then I threw it away. The first one I bought was called siacoin, which cost 1% to 10% and 1% to 1%. It’s up to 18 cents. But I don’t think it matters. I don’t think it’s my money. After all, we still have to do things. For example, if you set up your own trading model, say, not so fast, and earn 50% a year, that’s better than many people.

Fu Qiang: I first saw bitcoin through the news broadcast in 13 years. In 15 years, my brother told me that I made money by investing in bitcoin, so I’ll invest a little bit. That’s not much money, thousands of dollars. After that, I began to understand bitcoin, and then I copied it. After a year, it’s better to sum up that copying money doesn’t make much money. From 15 to 16 years ago, after a year of copying, he decided to put this matter aside. Later, he decided to deposit money and began to do some mining work. Tun yuan is about 17-20 times of return. There is a larger amount of capital in the mining area, so the return is about double. For the whole 17 years, the return was OK.

Xiaodong: join the elite group in March this year. I started to make some money in the investment, and I lost some money after I joined the ICO in May. Then I gave up copying money, and then I bought some good projects. These are the results of my study, about 3-5 times the return.

Zhang Xu, oleole. I know higer very early. Let’s hear it together. Pay to join the thousand chat course, now get started. Civil engineering, University, graduate student. Now I want to enter the Internet industry. I don’t know why I want to come in. After contacting the blockchain, I hope I can enter in the future.

Allen: from the beginning of the year to may, I found my own direction on the blockchain. In an Arab company, later in Silicon Valley. Feel in Silicon Valley, code is law. Sold the company and went back home. From the beginning of the year to may, when the copying of coins became a secret, I began to reflect on myself. Did I survive by copying coins in this industry? So I joined the workshop. Recently, I have been writing reports and reporting in bamboo slips. Edit a blockchain book with artificial intelligence. This year is the starting point of the first year, and the application level can do some things in the future.

Xiaotianxia: half a year’s travel, half a year’s work, stock selection by program, like reading, cycling in Hainan. To private work, read more. From cryptography. This blockchain grew up on the soil of those things. The reflection is greater than the forecast. Ask the gods, read those books. Full time to do coin copying, understanding of coin copying, a small company of 5 people. 27 W, 100 W in 3 years and 1000 W in the fourth year. By copying coins to accumulate the first day. Every place has a little bit more advantage. There is a complete experience. Either deposit money, or full-time copy money, do not make a semi-finished product to copy money. I created an investment model myself.

When I came to Beijing in August, investors invested some money in me. I am a typical copycat, but I never reveal my position in the group. I read more books than all of you. I think that blockchain is not from blockchain, but from cryptography topology. Only by understanding its underlying logic can we know what kind of soil the blockchain is growing in. I know a little bit about finance. I learned programming again in April, and I have very strong partners around me. I start with currency copying, but I seldom tell you about the position of currency copying and other things. You can say that I am a value investment or a speculative investment. But I regard it as a rigorous discipline. You can’t say that we are speculators based on our emotional interest. Our core idea is that reflection is greater than prediction. I often ask the gods in the group what they read. I think the discussion in the blockchain workshop is an open discussion. After the month comes, I do full-time currency copying. I have an investment component in it. Because I understand all the currencies that should be copied and what I should know better than everyone else. Now we’ve formed a small company of five people. To get 27 w angel investment, our goal was to make 100W in three years and 1000W in the fourth year. Our investment tells us, what is your strategic goal? We should accumulate the first pot of gold through currency copying, and then enter the blockchain industry. It is not simply said that copying money is over. If you have seen the way we copy money, it will completely subvert your traditional investment philosophy. We are programmed monitoring, program judgment, and then artificial operation? The goal of 100 W will be completed in three years, and the target of 1000 W may be completed in June next year. Whether you are investing or speculating, you should systematically understand and make some plans. Because we just have a little more advantage than others. More procedural monitoring, more professionals, more understanding. Every place knows a little bit more. I am very grateful to Mr. Xue Zhaofeng for giving me a complete economics lesson. But I don’t know their brain powder. If I’m right, I’ll absorb some of his ideas. I’ve experienced your mood before. You can’t sleep for 24 hours or wake up at 5 a.m. It’s either a coin or a whole set of things. Otherwise, a lot of your energy will be wasted.