TP5 (ThinkPHP5 Framework) Implementation of Displaying Error Information and Line Number Function


This paper illustrates the method of displaying error information and line number in TP5 (ThinkPHP5 framework). Share for your reference, as follows:

In the process of program debugging, if you want to debug and display detailed error information, you need to modify it.application\config.php

There are two settings in the file:show_error_msgValuefalseChange totrue

// Display error message
'show_error_msg'     => true,

After the change, the suggestion is as follows:

This prompt can’t tell what’s wrong. If you want to show a detailed error, you need to modify another one:

After modification, the error prompt becomes very detailed.

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I hope this article will be helpful to you in the design of PHP program based on ThinkPHP framework.

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