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For many beginners of programming, choosing which programming language is really a painful thing. The choice is right. After graduation, I can find a job smoothly and move towards the workplace perfectly; The choice is wrong. There is nowhere to place the injured talents after graduation. The university is a waste of time.

Efforts are important, but the choice must be right. Once the choice is wrong, many efforts are in vain.

Well, this article is to remind students that what is the most awesome programming language in 2020? After reading it, you will know how to choose.


Let’s start with a brief summary:

  • Java, the best programming language on the server side

  • C + +, the most common programming language

  • C. By far the most trusted programming language

  • Python is the best programming language for AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning

  • JavaScript, the most commonly used scripting language on the client side

  • C #, Microsoft’s most powerful object-oriented programming language

  • Swift, the most efficient programming language on the IOS side

  • Go (golang), an extensible programming language, produced by Google

  • PHP, the best programming language in the world, no, the best web programming language

  • Ruby, the most reliable programming language in Data Science

Why did I choose these 10 programming languages? I have enough reasons.


First of all, let’s take a look at the tiobe ranking list, a very, very authoritative list. The following 14 live for a long time. It can be seen that except SQL for go, the other 9 programming languages are there and dominate the list for a long time.

Top 10 programming languages in 2020

Living for a long time means that this programming language has strong vitality and complete ecosystem. They belong to the king of the jungle – natural selection and survival of the fittest. They live long and live well, which means they can live better and longer. Is that the truth? The strong are stronger!

Students can rest assured that I am responsible – mainly because the authors or teams of these programming languages are responsible. Although the official team of open source PHP has been completely dissolved by the end of 2019, PHP is still very strong and awesome.

Let me talk about these 10 programming languages in detail.





Java is actually a substitute for C + +. Sun originally wanted to develop an object-oriented programming language simpler than C + +, initially called oak. Unexpectedly, with the passage of time, because Java is easier to learn and cross platform, the popularity of Java far exceeds that of C + +.


To say something less elegant, it’s like the bridge of Xiao San in the dog blood drama.

With the help of Java virtual machine, Java can shuttle freely under Linux, windows, mac-os and other operating systems, which makes it very popular in enterprise development.

Java can do website development, Android development, desktop application development (eclipse, NetBeans, etc.) and game development (my world).

Send a java version of Hello World:

public class HelloWorld {public static void main(String[] args) {System.out.println("Hello World"); }}




C + +, as can be seen from its name, is the son of C language and an extension of C language, aiming to create object-oriented functions for C language.


With the development of time, C + + has further developed into a general language with the most direct memory access and complete hardware control. It is precisely because C + + provides the most extensive general functions that it is difficult to master.

C + + can run on all platforms and can make effective use of any type of hardware, which makes it possible to perform best on platforms with limited resources.

C + + can do game development (StarCraft, Warcraft), office software (Microsoft Office), operating system (Windows), relational database (MySQL), 3D engine (microsoft directx) and embedded development.

Send a C + + version of Hello World:

#includeusing namespace std;


void main() {cout<<"Hello World";}






C language was born in 1960. The author team has only one requirement for it: it must be universal and can make effective use of system resources. Because in those days, every byte of memory was expensive.

Just like C + +, C can also directly access memory and control hardware. C is closely related to the operating system. Programmers must personally deal with the details of memory allocation, so it is difficult to master. Although C language was born very early, it is still one of the most commonly used programming languages.


The design of C language influenced many later programming languages, such as C + +, ruby, PHP, python, Java, c# and so on.

C language can do embedded development (single chip microcomputer), application software and driver based on embedded operating system, high-performance web server (nginx), common cache database (redis), operating system (router, camera head) in intelligent devices or Internet of things devices, etc. It is said that whatever you can think of can be done in C, depending on whether you can do it or not.

Let’s send version C of Hello World:

#includevoid main(){printf("Hello World");}





Python was born in 1990 by Guido van Rossum (the father of Python). It can be said that all programmers like Python because its learning cost is very low, but its application level is very high. For example, there are very deep artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis.


Python’s syntax is concise and elegant, and the community is very active. However, it is said that Python posts have high requirements for academic qualifications.

Send a python version of Hello World:

print("Hello World")





JavaScript is a scripting language developed by Brendan EICH (it took only 10 days to design, awesome) for netscape during the first browser war. Although the design of JavaScript was not good enough at first (after all, it was a short time), over time, JavaScript gradually developed into a high-level dynamic programming language.

I hate JavaScript more than I love it. It is the product of C language and self language. Dr. Johnson, an English writer in the 18th century, said well: ‘its excellence is not originality, and its originality is not excellent.’

After reading Brendan EICH’s comments on JavaScript, do you feel angry – you look down on your own son, ha ha.

A big man once said, “JavaScript is the tape of the Internet.” The praise is very high. Html is responsible for structure, CSS is responsible for presentation, JavaScript is responsible for logic, and the three swordsmen of Web front-end programming are formed.

Javascript based frameworks such as extjs, prototype and jQuery push JavaScript to the peak. With node With the emergence of JS, JavaScript, a client-side scripting language, can stand on the server side.

Now very hot front-end framework, Vue JS is written in JavaScript. It can be said that if you want to engage in front-end development, JavaScript is a must!

Send a JavaScript version of Hello World:

<script>alert('Hello World');script>





At first glance, we know that c# and C / C + + have a close relationship. Microsoft has designed c# as an object-oriented programming language like C.

At first, C # was regarded as a copy of Java. They have amazing similarities, such as inheritance, interface, and almost the same syntax as Java. They also need to be compiled before running. With the development of time and the great efforts of Microsoft, c# precipitates a wealth of class libraries and frameworks, on which developers can quickly write all kinds of software based on Net platform.

With the emergence of unity3d, cross platform c# can finally show its strength. It has great advantages in developing games, such as fast compilation speed and sufficient class libraries. In addition, you should know who the mountain behind c# is, Microsoft!

Send a c# version of Hello World:

namespace HelloWorld{class Hello    {static void Main(string[] args)        {Console.WriteLine("Hello World");        }    }}






For swift, let’s take a look at the official introduction given by Apple:

Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language created by apple and can be used to develop apps for IOS, MAC, Apple TV and apple watch. It aims to provide developers with full freedom. Swift is easy to use and open source. Anyone who has an idea can create extraordinary.

Swift is a fast and efficient language that can provide real-time feedback and can be seamlessly integrated into existing Objective-C code. Therefore, developers can write safe and reliable code and create a very rich app experience while saving time.

Send a swift version of Hello World:

print("Hello World")






Go’s father is Google and an Internet giant. You can imagine its potential in the future.

The design of go language is very exquisite and easy to use, and its ability to solve development and expansion is also outstanding. The key is that it is also very easy to learn. These advantages promote the growth of go language very fast.

Foreign countries such as Google, AWS, cloudflare and coreos, and domestic countries such as qiniu and Alibaba have begun to use golang to develop their cloud computing related products on a large scale. It can be said that the future is very bright.

Send a go version of Hello World:

package mainimport "fmt"func main(){fmt.Println("Hello World")}






PHP has been used to develop web applications for more than 35 years. Despite the recent decline in popularity, skinny camels are bigger than horses.

PHP is the best programming language. Where does this stem come from? Obviously not make complaints about the conference. It’s the official document of PHP!

PHP is the best language for web programming, but what about other languages?

The following figure is conclusive evidence that PHP is the best programming language.

Top 10 programming languages in 2020

Around 2010, PHP has always been the king in web development, especially the popularity of content management platforms such as WordPress, and the contrast of Facebook (developed by PHP) have further consolidated PHP’s position in the industry.

Then, send a PHP version of Hello World:

echo "Hello World";?>





Ruby was originally an object-oriented scripting language, but over time, it has gradually developed into an interpretative high-level general-purpose programming language. Its learning curve is quite flat, which is very helpful to improve the productivity of developers.

Ruby author Hiroshi Matsumoto once said a very classic saying:

“People, especially computer engineers, often think of the machine. They think: ‘if you do this, the machine will run faster; if you do this, the machine will run more efficiently; if you do this, the machine will behave like that.’ in fact, we need to consider the problem from the perspective of people, how people write programs or how to use applications on the machine. We are the masters, They are servants. “

Ruby is based on this idea. There is a saying on the Internet that learning Ruby on rails can let you see the top of the web framework. It’s said that GitHub’s official website is developed through Ruby on rails (inaccurate. I don’t know if any students can confirm it).


Fan Kai, founder of JavaEye, once said:

In China, ruby is a minority programming language, but in Silicon Valley, ruby is very popular and is known as the web programming language in the cloud computing era.


Finally, I hope students can choose one of the 10 programming languages they like and study it deeply. No matter which language, I believe that as long as you master it, you will be able to find your favorite job. If you just taste it, you will not achieve the desired effect.


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