Top 10 forecasts of big data market trends in 2014


Top 10 forecasts of big data market trends in 2014

Big data is the most popular technical vocabulary in 2013. In this year, the big data market has also achieved rapid growth, and more and more enterprises begin to embrace big data solutions. With the growing maturity of the ecosystem, Hadoop is no longer a toy for talented technicians, but a powerful “mining machine” for data scientists and business personnel to mine the commercial value of data.

Top 10 forecasts of big data market trends in 2014

If 2013 is just a warm-up and preliminary competition for the big data market, then the big data market in 2014 will usher in a world cup feast. Recently, CIO magazine has given ten big data market forecasts for 2014. The compilation and collation of IT Manager website are as follows:

First, big data will take off. In 2014, big data will move from concept to practicality and integrate with cloud computing services.For example, gainsight, a cloud computing service provider, has begun to use big data analysis technology to provide “customer success management” services to its SaaS customers. Gainsight believes that all cloud computing service providers’ back-end infrastructure will provide big data analysis function in 2014.

Prediction 2. Hadoop from experiment to production. Cloud computing is not the only destination of big data.Strategic analysis platform providerAlteryxIn 2014, Hadoop will get rid of the image of cheap data warehouse and become the general computing architecture of enterprise data processing. This means that analysis is still the first application of big data.

More and more enterprises are aware of the importance of consumer data analysis.

Forecast 4. Big data analysis in marketing field will become a hot spot.In 2014, marketing big data will usher in great development, and the key areas include advertising, promotion and user behavior analysis. Key innovations will revolve around the world cup and the Winter Olympics.

Business analysts are more important than big data scientists.According to alteryx’s prediction, business sector analysts who master big data analysis technology will be more important to enterprises than big data scientists. This means that the high salaries of data scientists in 2014 are unsustainable.

Forecast 6. Internet of things will evolve into web of thingsThe IEEE expert Association believes that the Internet of things will give way to the Internet of things in 2014. The so-called web of things will use mobile devices and sensors to observe and monitor the environment, and strengthen the collaboration between real world objects and between real objects and web objects. (editor’s note, that is, the so-called intelligent Internet of things, where sensors are connected as nodes rather than terminals) and web of things will generate massive amounts of big data.

Prediction seven, R will replace the traditional SAS program as the mainstream analysis technology.Analysis based on R programming language will become the mainstream in 2014, while traditional analysis tools such as SAS and SPSS will gradually be marginalized. More than 2 million users and 3 million analysts are looking for new solutions, and the era of R is coming.

8. Hadoop will drive real-time interactive applications.Real time SQL on Hadoop database providerSplice MachineChief executive officer
Zweben believes that a large number of interactive applications, including web applications, mobile applications and social applications, will be built on Hadoop platform in 2014.

9. Hadoop is expected to enter the enterprise market on a large scale.In 2014, Hadoop technology will evolve to be more secure and support more advanced operation management and resource management. More functions needed by enterprises will appear, and it will become a standardized component of Hadoop platform.

It is predicted that a NoSQL database company will be listed successfully in 2014.Larry Warnock, CEO of gazzang, a provider of big data and cloud security solutions, believes that at least one Hadoop or NoSQL provider will be listed in 2014. according toWikibon ReportIn 2012, NoSQL software and services market reached 286 million US dollars, and will grow to 1.825 billion US dollars in 2017. The driving force of the rapid growth of the market comes from the demand of enterprises for flexible and scalable low-cost data management solutions (including analysis and transaction) in the era of cloud computing and big data.



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