Tool usage: 1 . Configuration of SSH client and server in Windows system


SSH principle

Refer to SSH principle

Windows official configuration link

Windows official configuration link

Configuration process

1. Start SSH service according to the official configuration link on the server

Note that there are two errors in the official configuration link

  1. Opensshutils download, according to the official way can’t download
  2. Since the tool in 1 cannot be downloaded, the repair authorized keypermission command cannot be used

2. Try password connection

completeServerAfter configuring and using the following code to start the sshd service, you can use the client to try to link. Note that the default port is 22

# C:\windows\system32 Administrator: powershell
> Start-Service sshd
#Note: the current service information can be obtained through get service sshd

three . Try the secret key link

stayclientAccording to the official tutorial, generate the key pair and transfer the key to theServer
Modify sshdc: program data_ Config file

Match Group administrators
      AuthorizedKeysFile __PROGRAMDATA__/ssh
#  Amend to read
# Match Group administrators
      # AuthorizedKeysFile __PROGRAMDATA__/ssh

At this time, the client can use the secret key and password to log in at the same time, and the password login can be prohibited by setting passwordauthentication to No

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