Too many ZABBIX alarm processes


In the morning, I saw the ZABBIX alarm: there are too many system processes.



The first reaction is to look at the threshold set by the trigger. Here we set it according to the actual environment. The default setting of ZABBIX is 300, which can be set according to your actual situation:



For our environment, 1000 is almost the same. Let’s take a look at the system.

Use PS – EF | WC – L | to view the number of all processes on the system. Good guy, 1140 processes.



Direct PS – Ao, stat, PPID, PID and CMD to check which processes are more frequent. Many processes with defunct tags are found. These are zombie processes. However, their parent processes are “1”.

Try kill – 9 PID first and find that you can’t kill these zombie processes (generally speaking, they won’t succeed). This can only be solved by restarting.



Of course, this is only one case. There are too many other processes, leading to ZABBIX alarm. Analyze and deal with the specific causes.

There are too many processes such as xfsalloc on KVM. If this cannot be handled, you can increase the trigger threshold on ZABBIX.


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