Tomorrow’s exam, not today.


Wish me success in the exam tomorrow.

There was one thing I really wanted to say yesterday. I got the fourth place in the written examination in the teacher’s establishment examination, but I was persuaded to quit when I reviewed the materials in the interview.


Because I am not a normal student.

I asked the teacher who reviewed, but I have a teacher’s qualification certificate. What can’t I do?

He picked up the post form, pointed to the last condition and said: it is clearly stated here that normal school graduates should be recognized by the state. You are not.

After listening to this, I was shocked. Before I came in, I was still thinking about how to prepare for the interview. This sentence immediately deprived me of the opportunity to interview.

It was like a bolt from the blue that I was sluggish outside for a long time.

Life is such a shameless joke.

Don’t think about it yet. I’ll have an exam tomorrow. I’ll talk about it later.

Come on for the exam tomorrow!