Today, the nervos CKB test network is officially launched!


Today, the nervos CKB test network is officially launched!

In the past 15 months, through the joint efforts of the core development team of nervos CKB and all the contributors, today we finally ushered in the first version of CKB test network:Rylai οΌπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Blockchain browser:

Rylai will be further improved in several stages after its release until the main network goes online. The first stage of the test network we released today mainly includes consensus protocol, P2P protocol and ckb-vm. We welcome and encourage community members to run nodes and mine! The first phase also includes the basic smart contract programming model and the initial implementation of nervosdao. Developers can try to build and run CKB scripts for experience.

For the Rylai launch, Jan, chief architect of nervos, said:

The whole design of CKB has been finalized and the details have been improved day by day. After more than 30 iterations, Rylai finally released successfully! Welcome to try mining and sending transactions on CKB. Rylai will continue to iterate until the main network goes online after release. During this period, we will improve the programming model of CKB according to the feedback from the community to make it more developer friendly.More importantly, we will propose and implement a new POW mining algorithm!

Daniel wants to say to the community:

For more than a year, from the completion of the first POC prototype verification of CKB, to the writing of CKB white paper, to CKB code open source, to CKB economic model proposal release, now to the official launch of CKB test network, which gathered the strength of many participants. There are not only closed door development teams, day and night development iterations, but also support and sincere suggestions from community friends. We are an open source community, this test online line, also welcome everyone to try, bold put forward your ideas!

The launch of the test network is a major achievement for everyone involved in the nervos project, which brings us a step closer to the encryption economy we want to create together. We are very grateful to you for your enthusiasm and energy in this open source project, and we are very happy to be able to complete this mission with you.

Finally, here is an operation instruction about Rylai. Welcome to experience mining and sending transactions on CKB:

Today, the nervos CKB test network is officially launched!

If you have any problems in operation or have better suggestions for improvement, you can find us through the following channels. Nervos CKB is in the rapid development stage. We hope to improve the code with you. Maybe your suggestions will have great positive significance for existing functions and modules!

  • GitHub Issues
  • Nervos Talk
  • CKB Dev Telegram

Tip: Rylai test network is only for experience and trial. It will be reset according to the development needs. The excavated tokens have no value. The test network will be reset every two weeks, and the development progress will be updated synchronously every two weeks.

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