Today is the Double Ninth Festival. Thank you and respect the elderly


Today is the Double Ninth Festival. Thank you and respect the elderly

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Today is the Double Ninth Festival. Thank you and respect the elderly
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Year after year, Chongyang is now Chongyang again

Beisi relatives wear Cornus

Go to the meeting, admire chrysanthemums, climb high and look far

Share a good time and pray for a long time

Chongyang, the ninth day of the ninth lunar month. “Nine” is the number of Yang in the book of changes, and “two nine” are equal, so it is called “double Yang”.

Folklorists believe that the Double Ninth Festival was formed during the Warring States period. Since the Wei and Jin Dynasties, it has been chanted by scholars and scholars. It was officially designated as a folk festival in the Tang Dynasty. Since then, it has been followed by all dynasties.

Today is the Double Ninth Festival. Thank you and respect the elderly

Chongyang, climb high. In the Western Han Dynasty, there was a custom of climbing high to watch the scenery in the suburbs of Chang’an. In the “four people’s monthly order” created by Cui Shi in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, it said: “on the day of the Double Ninth Festival, we must climb high with cakes and wine to see the distance. It is time to enjoy the feast and enjoy the Autumn Annals.”

Double Ninth Festival, enjoy chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemum, also known as “longevity prolonger”, is the flower of longevity. It is commonly known as Juyue in September of the lunar calendar. Appreciating chrysanthemums and wearing chrysanthemums, “when the double ninth day comes, chrysanthemums will come” has also become a fashion.

Chongyang, Pei Zhuyu. Dogwood is nicknamed “evil warden”. The ancients believed that inserting dogwood on the Double Ninth Festival could take refuge and eliminate disasters, or wear it on the arm, on the head, or as a sachet.

Double Ninth Festival, offering sacrifices to ancestors. “You know from afar where brothers climb up, there is only one dogwood planted everywhere.” Chongyang, new year’s Eve, Qingming and Zhongyuan are known as the four ancestor worship festivals. When you climb up, you don’t forget to worship and sweep the ancestral tombs to commemorate your ancestors.

Chongyang, respect for the elderly. Give more care to the elderly. In 1989, China designated the annual Double Ninth Festival as “Chinese elderly day” and “respecting the elderly day”; On December 28, 2012, the newly revised law on the protection of the rights and interests of the elderly made it clear that the ninth day of September of the lunar calendar is the “elderly day”.

Today is the Double Ninth Festival, climbing the mountain to enjoy autumn, praying for blessings and respect for the elderly. Don’t forget to pour out gratitude and thoughts to your family. Here, smart also wishes the old people all over the world happiness and health!