Today, I met a wonderful click problem of Li a, which I solved by myself


… Well, today I was going to make a pop-up window,

The task assigned to me by PHP in the background is very simple for me, because it has been done no less than three times, and the key is to know the principle of pop-up.

Click. Youkeli to pop up. Youkelogin. In the pop-up window, click. Close1 to close the pop-up window and return to the page.

Of course, the problem I’m talking about is not here, but that I gave you Keli to Li. When I clicked the close button, I couldn’t close it. I kept switching between black screen and non black screen fingers without any words.

After trying for a long time, I finally found out the reason, so I added the class. Youkeli to a, and it was successful. I can close it.

I wanted to find a master to solve this problem, but later I found out the reason myself.

To sum up, Li click effect is always so poor. In addition, the link behind the href should be a dead link, not a dead link, jump to the top, so this is also a detail.