To what extent can you learn the web front end and find a high paying job


Come and complain casually. You can point out what you think is wrong. Many people asked me how to find a high salary. Let’s talk about it briefly

1、 Basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript syntax. After learning the basics, you can imitate the layout of the home page of e-commerce websites (such as JD and Xiaomi).

2、 Advanced JavaScript syntax. Including scope and closure, this and object prototype, etc. Believe me, JS grammar is always the most important part of the interview.

3、 JQuery, AJAX, etc. JQuery is not outdated, it is still part of the front-end foundation.

4、 ES6 syntax. This part belongs to the new syntax of JS, which must be asked in the interview. Among them, we should pay special attention to promise, async, etc.

5、 HTML5 and CSS3. Be familiar with the new features.

6、 Canvas. During the interview, some companies do not necessarily ask canvas, relying on luck. If you don’t have enough time, you can not learn this part first. But if you can, it’s definitely a bonus.

7、 Mobile web development, bootstrap, etc. Pay attention to adaptation and compatibility in mobile development.

8、 Front end framework: vue.js and react. There must be at least one of these two frameworks. When getting started, it is recommended to learn vue.js first, which is relatively easy to get started. However, the qualified front-end students are those who master Vue and react at the same time.

9、 Node.js. It is a bonus item. If the time is not enough, you can not learn it first, but at least you should know the configuration of the node environment.

10、 Automation tools: build tool webpack, build tool gulp, CSS preprocessor sass, etc. Note that sass uses more than less, and gulp uses more than grunt.

11、 Front end integration: http protocol, cross domain communication, security issues (CSRF, XSS), browser rendering mechanism, asynchronous and single thread, page performance optimization, debouncing and throttling, lazload, front-end error monitoring, virtual DOM, etc.

12、 Editor related. Sublime text is an editor that everyone who studies the front end needs to use. In addition, there are two common ides on the front end: webstorm and visual studio code. WebStorm everything is too laggy, but what’s more, carton; Vs code is much lighter. Personal summary: novices generally use webstorm. After getting started, more people use vs code.

13、 Typescript (TS for short). ES is the standard of JS and TS is the superset of JS. TS is an advanced content. It is recommended to master the above basics before learning ts.

14、 Front end framework knowledge Vue react angular, one of three must be familiar with, and the other two can be understood, but it depends on the company you interview

These are basically the overall route. You have to learn this way, whether self-study or training. If you have no foundation, try it yourself first. If you can’t find the systematic learning tutorial, I can send you a copy of the tutorial I sorted out before. Just join the front-end of the web to learn the communication skirt. The front is 589, then 051, and then 564.

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