To solve the problem that win10 home version VMware cannot install 64 bit operating system


Problem description

When VMware Workstation creates a new virtual machine and chooses to install a 64 bit operating system, an error message will pop up: this host does not support 64 bit client operating system, and this system cannot run

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Since Windows does not have the Hyper-V option in the windows function of Windows startup and shutdown, you need to use the command line to close it


withRun command prompt as Administrator
Execute the orderbcdedit /enumYou can see that the identifier in the windows boot loader iscurrentLast item ofhypervisorlaunchtypeIf theAutoIt needs to be changed toOff


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Because mine is off, it doesn’t show up


Execute the orderbcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

Restart and run VMware.

If you want to restore the hyper boot, change it backbcdedit / set hypervisorlaunchtype auto

At first, I tried to open Intel virtualization technology in the BIOS, but I found it was turned on


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