To achieve cross device smart office, WPS and harmonic OS work together to build a smart office super terminal


At the Huawei Developer Conference on September 10, 2020, Huawei launched the version of harmony OS 2.0, providing a large number of development tools and platform optimization development experience for the evolution of the whole scene intelligent ecology. In the office scenario, WPS is one of the first representatives to join the harmony OS ecosystem. With harmony OS 2.0, WPS adds new office collaboration capabilities and greatly improves the cross device collaboration experience.

Why does WPS, which has a history of more than 30 years, choose to take the lead in joining harmonyos ecosystem? What are the user pain points for WPS solved by accessing harmonic OS? What new opportunities will harmonyos bring to the whole field of smart office? In a recent interview, Zhuang Yong, senior vice president of Jinshan software, shared the story behind the cooperation from the perspective of technical value and commercial value.
To achieve cross device smart office, WPS and harmonic OS work together to build a smart office super terminal

With the advent of the era of full scene intelligence, WPS joins hands with harmonic OS to break the barrier of data flow across devices

Zhuang Yong said that the reason why WPS chose to join the harmony OS ecosystem is to discover the distributed ability of harmony OS and to help solve the pain points of users in the current office scene. After entering the mobile era, the use scenarios of office software begin to expand from the past PC to more mobile terminals such as smart phones and pad. The document based flow between multiple devices has become one of the most important pain points in the office software scenarios.

The distributed ability of harmonic OS brings a new experience of seamless flow across devices to the mobile office scene. After carrying harmonic OS, WPS can break the barrier of data flow when browsing documents across devices, and bring more convenient, efficient and safe distributed data management ability.

Improve user experience, harmonyos helps WPS serve users better

In the interview, Zhuang Yong said that WPS has always been user centered, and the cooperation with harmonyos has brought a comprehensive improvement in user experience and product capabilities, which can help WPS better serve users in this respect.

With the advent of a new user demand scenario, users’ demand for office software has been upgraded from single device operation to cross device and multi person collaboration, which requires office software to have better ability of cross device collaboration Distributed data management and distributed security can solve this problem. Based on the whole distributed architecture of harmonic OS, users only need to open the WPS application to synchronize the documents on the mobile phone to the large screen with an easy scan. At the same time, it supports real-time annotation and file sharing. The whole process is very natural and smooth.

Secondly, WPS is also connected to the SDK about security in harmony OS, which improves the security system deeply. Zhuang Yong mentioned that WPS itself has made further intelligent security protection for office documents in the account based system, but with the help of the distributed security capability of harmonic OS, WPS can more easily set, copy, print and share the permissions of documents, thus further improving the security.

Zhuang Yong said frankly that the success of business depends on what kind of problems the products help users solve. The emergence of harmony OS solves the pain point of cross device transfer and sharing in office scenes, and naturally the corresponding business value system will be reflected. Therefore, when the new user scenario based on cross device multi person collaboration comes, WPS chooses to further strengthen and improve the product capabilities by virtue of the technical advantages of harmonyos in cross device, and gradually explore new user service points.

In the era of Internet of things, harmony OS helps the innovation and upgrading of smart office

In the era of Internet of things, the difficulty of smart office lies in the sharing and application of massive data. To realize the smart office, enterprises need to solve the problem of how to first form their own office system, and at the same time, ensure the safety of data on the basis of improving work efficiency.

Harmonyos provides the basic ability to solve the difficulties and pain points of smart office, and further strengthens and improves the smart office scene. The functional improvement of WPS based on user experience also proves the availability and practicability of harmonic OS distributed capability in smart office scenarios.

Harmonyos reduces the development threshold of product and application innovation, and provides support for the cooperation of more technology and talents, as well as promoting the progress of ecological field. As Zhuang Yong said: “in the era of interconnection of all things, harmony OS makes us rethink the connection between devices, re-examine the interaction between people and devices, and re understand the call mode applied between multiple devices. Therefore, we also believe that smart office should be people-centered and return to the source of user needs. “