Tkinter (26) input unit ttk.Entry


Creation of TTK input part and its options

w = ttk.Entry(parent, option=value, ...)
option explain
class_ Component classification name cannot be changed after creation
cursor The mouse that appears when the mouse hovers over a button
exportselection Can text be copied to clipboard 0 / 1
font Text font cannot be set in style
invalidcommand Enter the callback to call when validation errors occur
justify The relative position of the text in the input part is defined as left, right / center
show Display characters that replace input strings, such as’ * ‘for password input
style Generate the style of the part
takefocus Keyboard focus, 0 or 1 (internal)
textvariable Stringvar (), changing the variable updates the input text on the part
validate Specifies when to use callback function validation
validatecommand Verify input callback function
width The component character is defined as 20 standard characters
xscrollcommand Horizontal scroll bar scrollbar.set () method

The method of TTK input unit

  • TTK general method, and
  • tk.ENTRY How to do it

To be continued

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