Tip: how to enter data using virtual numeric keypad


How can a computer input data with a virtual numeric keypad? Now let’s talk about it in detail. I hope it can help you.

  1. The virtual keypad can fill in the form more quickly

When it comes to frequent data entry, financial personnel are used to using the number keypad on the keyboard. If you use a simple keyboard without a keypad, a row of data keys will be awkward to operate. If a number keypad is virtual on the screen and data is input by clicking the mouse, data entry in the form will be more convenient.

The above needs can be met with the help of aNumpad green widgetTo achieve. There is only one numpad.exe program file in the software. Run the software when filling in the form, press Win + K in the form editing window to get the focus of the software, and then enter the keypad number (Figure 1).

电脑如何用虚拟数字小键盘录入数据 developpaer


The win + K key in Windows 10 is defined as opening the wireless display connection or audio device connection, so the software is only suitable for use in the version below Windows 10.

 2. Virtual soft keyboard password is more secure

At present, many online banking or high-level security network software will provide soft keyboard input mode when entering password, which can block some malicious software that deliberately intercepts keyboard operation. However, not all network environments provide this type of input. When we meet the input environment that does not provide such convenience, we are not afraid. We can build our own virtual keyboard input.

In a network environment where a password is required, you can use theNeo’s SafeKeysSoftware to virtual keyboard input password, improve the security of network password input. During the operation, first enter the password in Neo’s safekeys, then select all the passwords in the password box below, drag the selected password to the password input box of the web page, and complete the password input (Figure 2).


In addition, the jammer can be used to ensure the security of the keyboard input password.KeyScramblerIt is a keyboard jammer input software, which supports 29 mainstream web browsers. When entering the website password, it will encrypt the input, and what the malware intercepts will be the unreal keyboard input information, so that the malware can not obtain the password.

After the software runs, it resides in the system tray with a red K icon. Right click the icon and select options to enter the settings. Select the Advanced tab to set the protection windows login password, windows browser, space encryption, support East Asian language input and other functions (Figure 3). In the General tab, you can set the hotkey for switching software encryption protection (default is Ctrl + Shift + K, if there is conflict with other software, you can change the hotkey settings of the software).



You can also use the soft keyboard provided by the input method, or turn on the virtual soft keyboard provided by windows 8.1 and windows 10.

 3. Although it is film key professional sound effect

Are you envious of the sound of mechanical keyboard? It doesn’t matter. Now you can turn your “rotten apricot” keyboard into a loud mechanical keyboard! We can simulate the sound effect of mechanical keyboard through a software tickeys, and make the process of input cooler with the help of speakers.

  TickeysThe software is automatically hidden after running. We can activate the software setting window (Figure 4) at any time by pressing the qaz123 key combination, from which we can select the sound effect used by the keyboard (including mechanical keyboard, bubbling, typewriter, sword Qi, etc.), as well as the volume and tone. Select the “power on” check box, and the set keyboard sound effect will appear automatically after each power on operation (of course, the horn should be turned on).



When you need to exit the sound effect of the software, you need to press qaz123 in turn, and click the “exit tickeys” button in the setting window to exit the software.

4. Press which key screen to tell you

When operating with the keyboard, sometimes the wrong key position is pressed. If the pressed key position can be displayed on the screen to prompt, and the operation of the keyboard key can be visualized, errors will be found in time. adoptKeyCastOWSoftware can achieve the above purpose.

After running the software, float a prompt bar with blue background and white words on the screen, which shows “Hi there, press any key to try, double click to configure”. It means that you can see the effect of the software by pressing the key. Double click the prompt bar to enter the software setting (Figure 5). After that, for all key operations, the software will display the pressed key position in time with another prompt bar.



In fact, win + L in windows can also lock the computer. But the difference is that the software locks the current operation interface, while the system win + L lock starts the lock screen interface, so the working environment picture cannot be exposed outside.

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