TiDB RC3 Release


On June 16, tidb officially released version RC3. This version has done a lot of work on MySQL compatibility, SQL optimizer, system stability and performance. In terms of performance, the load balancing scheduling strategy and process are optimized. In terms of function, the authority management function is further improved. Users can control data access authority according to the authority management mode of MySQL. In addition, the speed of DDL has also been significantly improved.

At the same time, in order to simplify the operation and maintenance work, the tidb ansible project is open-source, and the tidb cluster can be deployed / upgraded / started and stopped with one click.


  • SQL query optimizer

    • Support incremental update of Statistics

    • Merge sort join operator supported

    • Index lookup join operator supported

    • Support optimizer hint syntax

    • Optimizing memory consumption of scan, join and aggregation operators

    • Optimize CBO framework

    • Refactor expression

  • Support more complete rights management

  • DDL speed up

  • Support HTTP API to obtain data distribution information of tables

  • Control query concurrency through system variables

  • Add a large number of MySQL built-in functions

  • Automatic splitting of large transactions and submission of small transactions through system variables


  • Support gRPC

  • Provide disaster recovery Toolkit

  • Automatically GC out overdue data

  • More efficient data balance

  • Support the scheduling of hotspot regions, make the machine load balanced, and improve the speed of data import

  • performance optimization

    • Accelerate client Tso acquisition

    • Improve the processing efficiency of region heartbeat

  • Perfect PD CTL function

    • Dynamically update replica configuration

    • Get TSO

    • Get region information through ID


  • Support gRPC

  • Support SST format snapshot to improve the speed of cluster load balancing

  • Support profile memory usage

  • Support SSE and accelerate the calculation of CRC32

  • Accelerate transfer leader for faster load balancing

  • Batch apply reduces CPU usage and improves write performance

  • Support parallel prewrite, improve transaction write speed

  • Optimize coprocessor thread pool scheduling to reduce the impact of large queries on point queries

  • The new loader supports table level concurrent import, as well as splitting large tables into multiple logical blocks for concurrent import to improve data import speed

As a world-class open-source distributed relational database, tidb is inspired by Google spanner / F1 and has core features such as “distributed strong consistency transactions, online elastic level expansion, high availability of fault self recovery, and multi activity across data centers”. Tidb was created in GitHub in May 2015, alpha version was released in December of the same year, beta version was released in June 2016, RC1 version was released in December, and RC2 version was released in March 2017.

Now, with the joint efforts of the community and pingcap technical team, the version of tidb RC3 has been launched,Thank you for your participation and contribution

Source address: https://github.com/pingcap/tidb

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