Tidb Committee | Ma Yujie, a typical engineer of boyfriend Li Max


He is a student of the first talent plan and an excellent contestant of the first usability challenge. With multiple identities, he has become a new committee of tidb. He is Ma Yujie (mmyj) from execution sig.

He is a game cloud player and likes to study electronic products. He always starts at the first time, but he can’t escape the first time. At present, I do background development in spark online school. The language I contact most in my work is golang. He claimed to be a typical programmer, but during the interview, he suddenly asked me to wait for him and cook dumplings for his girlfriend, which really made Xiaobian sour

Today, let’s take a look at mmyj’s journey in tidb community!

Tidb Committee | Ma Yujie, a typical engineer of boyfriend Li Max

How did you feel about contributing tidb for the first time?

In October 2019, I heard about tidb for the first time and came into contact with open source for the first time. I didn’t pay special attention to this field before. Because the company uses golang, I want to learn from some golang projects. Later, I accidentally found tidb’s document and source code reading activities on GitHub, which helped me to participate in the community. I still remember that the first PR is the execution vectorization activity.

Tidb Committee | Ma Yujie, a typical engineer of boyfriend Li Max

At that time, I felt that the threshold of learning was not high. At that time, there was an easy-to-use challenge, so I tried to participate.
At the beginning, I was at a loss and didn’t know how to submit PR to be adopted. However, the community partners are very patient, and gradually I adapt to the contribution process.

Why continue to contribute to tidb?

I spent a lot of time in the usability challenge. As soon as I got home from work at more than 8:00, I began to do issue. In addition to the surrounding areas that can be exchanged, I also yearn for reviewers. I think reviewers are a direction of my efforts. I am very grateful to the mentor of execution sig for giving me a lot of help. I also hope I can feed back to the community. Like the mentor who helped me at that time, I guide the students in the community to contribute and give back to the community.

Once I was particularly impressed. At that time, I didn’t quite understand a problem. Liyuan drew a whiteboard for me to explain. Unfortunately, I was too shy and afraid to trouble him, so I was embarrassed to open the camera. If it was now, I would be more bold to communicate with my mentor.

Tidb has a good community atmosphere. I hope this goodwill can be passed on.

Have you encountered any difficulties in contributing? Do you want to give up halfway?

There is a PR that I have done intermittently for a long time. The source of inspiration for optimization is a paper. I spent one month reading the paper, and then another month looking at tidb code to study how to modify it to achieve the effect of the paper. The difficulty is that there are many small optimization points in this pr. if all the optimization points are completed, the whole front needs to be pulled for a long time.

Tidb Committee | Ma Yujie, a typical engineer of boyfriend Li Max

I also encountered some difficulties in learning talent plan, because learning the course is to find an unknown answer within the known framework, which is a very challenging thing for me. At that time, I was stuck in the optimizer, but in the end, I didn’t seek the help of my tutor. I went to see the tidb source code and found the answer. I felt that I was a little cheating, ha ha.

The most fulfilling thing in the process of contribution?

The most difficult PR mentioned above has a huge impact on actuator optimization. It introduces the optimization of sliding window, which improves the calculation efficiency of some common window functions by 10 times.

Tidb Committee | Ma Yujie, a typical engineer of boyfriend Li Max

This result makes me very satisfied and feel that my contribution is very meaningful.

What do you think open source is?

Many projects just publish the code on GitHub. I don’t think it’s really open source. Maintaining a project takes time and energy. It’s not easy to have an active community like tidb and maintain it carefully.

Some suggestions for new people in tidb community?

Don’t be shy. The students in the community are nice! Tidb community looks forward to your joining!

Walk with contributor and believe in the power of openness

As more and more people understand and use tidb, as community contributors, we have chosen to believe in the power of openness, do what we really love and are good at, work with developers around the world to build our dream database, help everyone solve problems, benefit more users, and leave a mark on the development of database history, We are excited and proud!

Gather sand and make a tower, gather armpits and make a coat. Every small contribution of the community brings tidb one step closer to the “de facto standard of the database world”. It’s a great honor to do cool and right things with a group of like-minded friends.

In the open source world, everything is possible.

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