TiDB 2.0 RC1 Release


On March 9, 2018, tidb released version 2.0 RC1. Based on the previous version, MySQL compatibility, system stability and optimizer have been improved a lot.


  • Support to limit the memory size of a single SQL statement and reduce the risk of program OOM
  • Support push down flow aggregation operator to tikv
  • Support the validity detection of configuration files
  • Support HTTP API to obtain tidb parameter information
  • Parser is more compatible with MySQL syntax
  • Improve Navicat compatibility
  • Optimizer promotes, extracts common expressions of multiple or conditions, and selects better execution plan
  • The optimizer is improved to convert subqueries into join operators in more scenarios and select better query plans
  • Use batch mode resolve lock to improve garbage collection speed
  • Fix the field length of boolean type to improve compatibility
  • Optimize the add index operation, use low priority for all read and write operations, and reduce the impact on online business


  • Optimize the code logic to check the status of region and improve program performance
  • Optimize the output of log information under abnormal conditions for easy debugging
  • Statistics of insufficient disk space of tikv node in repair monitoring
  • Fix the problem of false alarm of health check interface when TLS is turned on
  • Fix the problem that the number of copies added at the same time may exceed the configuration threshold to improve the stability of the program


  • Fix PD leader switch, grpc call is not cancelled
  • Protect important configuration and do not allow to change after the first setting
  • Add grpc API to get metrics
  • Check whether SSD is used at startup
  • Optimize read performance with readpool, and improve raw get test performance by 30%
  • Improve metrics and optimize the use of metrics

Source address: https://github.com/pingcap/tidb

Today, with the joint efforts of the community and pingcap technical team, tidb version 2.0 RC1 has been released. Thank you for your participation and contribution.

As a world-class open-source distributed relational database, tidb is inspired by Google spanner / F1 and has core features such as “distributed strong consistency transactions, online elastic level expansion, high availability of fault self recovery, and multi activity across data centers”. Tidb was created in GitHub in May 2015, alpha version was released in December of the same year, beta version was released in June 2016, RC1 version was released in December, RC2 version was released in March 2017, RC3 version was released in June, RC4 version was released in August, tidb 1.0 was released in October, and beta version 1.1 was released in February 2018.

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