Through the “last mile”, baidu super chain promotes Chongqing’s first online medical insurance settlement e-prescription


Recently, the Internet Hospital of Chongqing Emergency Medical Center issued the city’s first online medical insurance settlement electronic prescription based on blockchain technology,The blockchain e-prescription flow and payment settlement service system supporting this service is provided with technical support by Baidu super chain and Huayi kangdao, which effectively supports the online flow of e-prescription and other data as well as the opening of medical insurance payment process.Milepost’s first electronic prescription for online reimbursement of medical insurance accounts means that the hospital has further stepped up the implementation of the “Internet plus medical health” in Chongqing and the country, and is another milestone in the development of Internet plus medical care. It is a crucial step for Internet health care to get through the medical insurance payment process and realize the online service closed loop of medical service and medical insurance payment.

On the afternoon of April 9, Ms. Zhang, a patient with hypertension, had a video online follow-up visit in the Internet hospital app of Chongqing emergency medical center. After online diagnosis, director Jiang of the hospital issued an electronic prescription, which was automatically linked up. The patient adopted the online payment method of medical insurance, and enjoyed the convenient service of drug delivery at home on that day.

In this process, the insured patient, Ms. Zhang, just like buying medicine by swiping a card in a physical hospital, only needs to pay her own expenses, and the medical expenses and medical insurance expenses are settled directly online. In addition, the blockchain technology ensures that the diagnosis and treatment business process is open and transparent, the patient’s diagnosis and treatment information and electronic prescription can be traced on the chain, and ensures the safe and compliant flow of data such as electronic prescription.

Through the

Video online follow-up visit between doctors and patients in Chongqing Emergency Medical Center

The issuance of electronic chain prescription, drug delivery, payment and settlement information is the important prerequisite for ensuring data security, safety and medication safety of Internet plus medical services. Baidu super chain promotes the electronic prescription on the chain, promotes the reliable, safe and efficient circulation of electronic prescription, fundamentally eliminates the occurrence of counterfeiting and tampering, and promotes the implementation of the separation policy of medicine in the new medical reform. Blockchain technology encrypts information such as electronic prescription, decrypts data by means of identity authentication, authority authorization and verification, effectively protects citizens’ privacy data, thus realizing data sharing and flow between medical institutions; at the same time, it standardizes the use of electronic prescription based on business logic programming such as smart contract.

Up to now, the e-prescription circulation platform has been connected to 12 hospitals, including 1 3A hospital and 11 community hospitals. In the future, Baidu super chain will continue to use the technology of chain block technology to empower smart medical scenes, and promote the formation of a safety system for diagnosis, treatment, prescription, medical insurance and drug safety. It can make the Internet hospital service full of traces and traceability, and create a complete closed loop of “Internet plus medical health” service, “medicine + medicine + protection”.