Three ways to set up win10 fast boot


How to start win10 system quickly(There are three quick start methods. In the computer used for a long time, due to various reasons, it is very likely to appear the phenomenon of slow boot speed, which has an impact on our daily work and life. In view of this, this article collated three ways to speed up the win10 computer boot, the need for friends do not miss Oh!

How to speed up the startup of win10 computer?

Method 1

1. Right click the start icon and click [control panel],

2. Open the control panel, select the view mode as small icon, and click [power options],

3. Enter the power option interface and click [Select function of power button],

4. Then enter the system settings interface, click change currently unavailable settings, check enable quick start, and click Save to modify.

Method two

1. Press and hold the shortcut key [win + R], open the operation window, input gpedit.msc, and click OK,

2. Open the local group policy editor, click management template – System – shutdown, and then double-click require quick start,

3. The quick start required window will pop up, check started, and click OK.

Method three

1. Press and hold the shortcut key [win + R], open the operation window, input msconfig, and click OK,

2. Enter the system configuration window, click the general option, and check the selected startup – load system service – load startup item,

4. Then click [guide] – [advanced options] to open the guide advanced options window, check [number of processors], set the maximum number, here is 2, click OK,

5. Then enter 3 in the timeout dialog box and click OK.

The above is the quick boot tutorial of win10 system, which is introduced in detail by developepaer. I hope this article can help you completely.