Three squirrels: multi channel and multi format growth on the base of Alibaba cloud data platform


Brief introduction: in the past 2020, it is more like a cognitive watershed for the three squirrels. Zhang Liaoyuan, CEO of the three squirrels, said frankly that “we should forget the age of traffic and get used to slowing down the growth”, and the next important step is to enter the data center and build a new track.

Just past 2020, for three squirrels, life is not safe.

In September 2020, Zhang Liaoyuan, CEO of the three squirrels, said in a public speech that the three squirrels should forget the age of traffic and get used to slowing down growth; In October of the same year, the three squirrels announced that they would cut down nearly 300 SKUs, which is the first time that the three squirrels have halved SKUs in eight years since they were founded; In the following tmall double 11, the three squirrels did not release their sales data to the outside world for the first time

Each action is infinitely interpreted and magnified, carrying three squirrels forward in public opinion.

In 2021, the outside world is still noisy, and the three squirrels didn’t respond much. They just released three sets of data one after another. On January 27, the sales volume of the three squirrels’ Omni channel New Year Festival reached 2.2 billion yuan; On January 30, the number of offline stores of three squirrels exceeded 1000; On February 17, squirrel town received more than 60000 families during the Spring Festival.

This is not only the end of the past year, but also the beginning of the new year.

Three squirrels: multi channel and multi format growth on the base of Alibaba cloud data platform

Crazy energy flowing in the blood of three squirrels

In 2009, Zhang Liaoyuan, who has not yet become “squirrel father”, set out from Ningguo, a small city in Anhui Province, to Hangzhou to attend the 10th anniversary celebration of Alibaba.

Zhang Liaoyuan repeatedly mentioned later that it was that opportunity that made him “see a beam of light and ignite another kind of passion”, and realized that “e-commerce is an opportunity”.

In 2012, Zhang Liaoyuan decided to quit his job with an annual salary of 280000 and started his business in a private house in Wuhu.

Recalling his state of mind when he first started his business, Zhang Liaoyuan used the metaphor of “switching between cold water and hot water” as a metaphor, “all of a sudden, he was very excited, and all of a sudden, he felt a sense of crisis”. This has something to do with Zhang Liaoyuan’s natural character. Li fengzeng, founder partner of Fengrui capital, commented on Zhang Liaoyuan: before he decided to do something, he would keep trying and exploring, Once he has identified something, he has the ability to eliminate all interference.

Zhang Liaoyuan also agrees with Li Feng’s evaluation of himself. In his opinion, he is a person driven by belief. Once he finds the direction of his efforts, he will never look back, so he is named “Zhang Sanfeng”.

Zhang Liaoyuan’s “Crazy” is mixed with his ambition for the leisure snack market. The three squirrels’ start-up team has only five people. Apart from Zhang Liaoyuan’s accumulation in the previous decades, most of the start-up funds are borrowed by relatives. At one time, the balance of his account was only 8000 yuan.

In 2012, tmall’s double 11 first show, three squirrels won 7.66 million yuan of single day sales, ranking first in the nut industry, and then occupied the first place in the sales of “snacks and specialty” products of tmall’s double 11 for eight consecutive years; In the past two years, the three squirrels have implemented a multi-channel development strategy, made efforts offline, and completed the layout of 1000 squirrels alliance stores across the country

At the same time, Zhang Liaoyuan’s “madness” is integrated into his keen perception of the market.

According to the public financial reports of the three squirrels, from 2016 to 2019, the operating revenue of the three squirrels was RMB 4.423 billion, RMB 5.554 billion, RMB 7.001 billion and RMB 10.173 billion respectively, showing a linear growth; At the same time, its non net profit was 247 million yuan, 278 million yuan, 256 million yuan and 205 million yuan respectively, showing a continuous downward trend since 2017.

How to find new market opportunities and realize the leap of the three squirrels has become the first consideration of Zhang Liaoyuan.

That’s why the three squirrels started a series of changes in recent years.

First of all, in terms of multi-channel development, the three squirrels accelerate the layout of offline stores. As one of the most important strategies of the three squirrels in 2020, 642 offline stores will be opened in more than 300 days, which is 2.5 times of the number of new stores in 2019.

Secondly, in expanding new brands and occupying new markets, in April last year, three squirrels added four new sub brands, including Xiaolu Lanlan, raising a hairy child, tiegongji and xixiaoque. Among them, in addition to tiegongji, which is still a leisure food enterprise, the other three sub brands also include infant and child food, infant formula milk powder sales, maternal and child services, pet products, pet food, craft gifts, bedding and other new fields.

Three squirrels: multi channel and multi format growth on the base of Alibaba cloud data platform

Finally, in November last year, squirrel Town, located at the south end of shilijiangwan Park in the south of Wuhu City, Anhui Province, officially opened. It is positioned as a “theme park + shopping mall” type entertainment and leisure complex. The passenger flow can reach more than 16000 person times on weekends and holiday peak seasons, and the total number of families received during the just ended Spring Festival holiday is more than 60000.

Behind these changes, the three squirrels are actively working hand in hand with alicloud to build a data platform, making full preparations for the innovation of multiple business scenarios, including data integration, global marketing, new product innovation, new store location and so on.

Try Alibaba cloud data, increase ROI of new customers in Taiwan by 40%

During the new year’s festival at the beginning of this year, three squirrels, after seven months’ exploration of a new online sales mode of “self broadcast live broadcast”, won 2.2 billion yuan in Omni channel sales in one fell swoop, and firmly ranked the first in Omni channel sales of the leisure snack market in the new year’s festival.

Lennon mouse, the person in charge of the digital marketing center of the three squirrels, revealed that although “self broadcast live” is still a new business within the three squirrels in less than a year, if we look at the whole field of live marketing, “the three squirrels are an old expert with four years of experience.”.

As early as 2017, the three squirrels regarded live broadcasting as an important supplement to the brand’s voice. They cooperated with Weiya, who was just in her infancy, and tried to bring goods live; In 2018, Taobao live broadcast was initially arranged to supplement the sales channel. In that year, tmall double 11 fully felt the ability of Daren live broadcast to quickly detonate the goods; In 2019, the three squirrels will actively lay out the short video platform. In 2020, the three squirrels will take live broadcasting as a strategic project, establish a brand digital marketing center, build a full link system of live broadcasting business, focus on self live broadcasting, and carry out the research and exploration of self live broadcasting link.

According to the data given by rat Lennon, only in 2020, three squirrels carried out 1600 live shows on Taobao, with a total sales of more than 90 million yuan; In the second half of the year, the company opened up the short video platform self broadcasting business and completed 109 self broadcasting sessions, with sales of about 8.79 million yuan.

Three squirrels: multi channel and multi format growth on the base of Alibaba cloud data platform

While most people only focus on the sales data of the live broadcast business, the three squirrels have actually embarked on the next chess game. Through quick audience, one of the core products of Alibaba cloud data, the three squirrels can more fully understand the market demand in the live broadcast scene, “What kind of products can be better sold at this time point”, “what kind of marketing form can be more accepted by the market” and so on. In the past, they passively accepted information, but now they can actively mine through precipitation data.

In the view of the person in charge of the data center of the three squirrels, the new business will certainly bring new data assets to the enterprise, and the new data assets should bring new value to the enterprise.

Take the live broadcasting business as an example. In the past, the live broadcasting data of different platforms were precipitated in different platform systems. At the same time, there were different data measurement standards for people with goods and store self broadcasting, and there was a lack of comprehensive and efficient technology to get through.

According to mouse, three squirrels have been able to get through multi system data through self-developed supply chain system. For example, around a certain commodity, through self-developed squirrel cloud manufacturing system, we can see the product from R & D warehousing, online and offline sales, in transit tracking of consumer orders after purchase (whether express delivery is delayed, etc.) Full link data such as evaluation feedback of consumers after purchase; He added, “the data center can more accurately analyze the consumer market and present the results, so that we can better pre position a series of actions on commodities, such as advertising, selection and intelligent marketing.”

In 2020, during tmall double 11, three squirrels used Alibaba cloud data platform for global marketing, and the ROI of new customers was improved by more than 40%

Step 1: return short video platform marketing exposure data through quick audience;

Step 2: use quick audience to cross analyze marketing exposure data and brand owned data assets to identify new consumer markets;

Step 3: using data factory modeling to optimize the medium and high quality parts of the new consumer market;

Step 4: Launch drilling and exhibition marketing on Taoxi platform.

Mouse wheat revealed that global marketing is just the beginning of the three squirrels’ taste of data platform project. “Next, we will cooperate with Alibaba cloud data platform to build a more comprehensive global digital marketing platform, and strive to empower other parts of the supply chain.”

Three squirrels: multi channel and multi format growth on the base of Alibaba cloud data platform

Similar to the global marketing logic, the three squirrels are penetrating into more detailed market demand through alicloud data center, taking the demand of different market segments as the starting point, pushing back the R & D and listing of new products. At the same time, they are simultaneously formulating corresponding marketing strategies through market preference data model calculation in this process, truly practicing “what the market needs, what the enterprise produces, And choose the most appropriate channel to reach the closed loop.

In addition, the three squirrels will join hands with Alibaba cloud data center in the later stage, fully integrate multi-dimensional data resources, build a unified standard, and empower the deposited data assets to front-line business departments through data center; At the same time, we will continue to explore the application of data center in the fields of auxiliary business data analysis, internal algorithm capability upgrading and intelligent prediction.

Up to now, three squirrels have been using the data platform for nearly four months, and have fully felt the reuse and value of data assets. “Many enterprises are still watching the data platform, but in fact, as long as they understand what problems they are facing and what effects they want to achieve, the rest can be completed by alicloud data platform,” said mouse, “Because alicloud data center has a wealth of products and targeted solutions, it can almost be applied to the various scenarios of digital transformation of most enterprises at this stage.”

In 2021, the three squirrels, regardless of the external wind and rain, are still “Crazy” and stand on the new infrastructure of Alibaba cloud data, embracing the digital transformation of multi-channel and multi format.

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