Three solutions to turning desktop icons into LNK suffixes


The icons on the desktop have become LNK suffixes. It’s too troublesome to change the registry. Also won’t, teach everybody how a key to revise, restore as before

Method 1

1. Right click on the blank space and select“newly build”, click“Text document

2. Name the document“1”,Change the suffix toinf

3. Double click to open the document and copy the following to the document

Copy content to clipboard

  1. [Version]   
  3. Signature=“$Chicago$”  
  5. [DefaultInstall]   
  7. DelReg=DeleteMe   
  9. [DeleteMe]   
  11. HKCU,“Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.exe”  
  13. HKCU,“Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.lnk”  

4. Click“file”-“preservation”Close the document after

5. Right click on the document and select““Install”After the screen will flash, you can restore.

Method 2

1. Open the run dialog box in the start menu and enter“%appdata%microsoft emplates”;

2. In the pop-up interface, and thenDelete the normal file, and then rerun the explorer.exe process,This will solve the problem.

Method 3: manual repair   

1. First of allWIN + R   

2. Open running program

3. Input: regedit   

4. Found: computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\currentversion\Explorer\FileExts\.lnk   

You will find that there are openwithlist and openwithprogids. If there are other options, delete them

5. Then delete all the key values except the default in openwithlist

6. Delete all key values except default and lnkfile in openwithprogids

7. Save and exit

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