Three solutions to the failure of downloading and installing code recommendations plug-in in eclipse


For people who use eclipse to develop programs, code recommendations is definitely one of the necessary plug-ins. However, if the version you choose at the time of installation does not contain the plug-in, you cannot download it manually. This is because eclipse does not provide a separate plug-in download. If you go to the network to find a separate plug-in package, you need to recharge to buy and download separately, and mobile decompression is also very cumbersome, so in view of this situation, Xiaobian specially arranged the method for your reference.

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Eclipse ide development tool 2018 v4.9.0 Chinese official green version (with Chinese tutorial) 64 bit
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2018-11-29Download now

Method 1: change the community version directly

When running the eclipse installation package, there will be many installation versions for us to choose fromInstall the eclipse Committee version.

Method 2: try to set the recovery plug-in function

If code recommendations cannot be used, there will be a prompt box to block the code prompt. According to the code prompt, we canTry to remove API recovery in Windows > Preferences window

Method 3: find the plug-in to decompress

It’s not easy to find a free plug-in on the Internet, but after downloading, just unzip the file into the dropins file, and then check whether the unzip is successful in the preferences window.

These are the three solutions to the failure of download and installation of code recommendations plug-in in eclipse. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developer.

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