Three solutions to double clicking the mouse to open the folder


After the computer is turned on, it is found that the desktop files and folders cannot be opened, and even “my computer” cannot be opened. How to solve such a problem? The first solution to this problem is to restart the computer. If it doesn’t work, it may be that the resource manager doesn’t start, or the system execution program loses relevance, and the mouse interface or keys are damaged. The specific solutions and steps are as follows.

Method 1: restart the resource manager

1. After entering the system, if you find that clicking anything with the mouse is useless, you can restart the resource manager to try. The operation steps are: press ctrl+alt+del at the same time, call up the task manager, select the item “process”, and find the process “explore.exe” in the list.

2. Then right click on this process and click “end process” in the right-click menu to end this process.

3. A task manager warning box will pop up. It doesn’t matter. Turning off this process won’t affect other programs, but it will make the windows and icons on the desktop and the taskbar disappear. It will be rebuilt later. Click “OK” to end it first.

4. After that, the desktop disappears. At this time, click the “file” menu of the task manager and select the item “new task” under it.

5. Pop up the create new task window, enter the explorer.exe command in it, and confirm that this is the command to restart the explorer.

6. After restarting, try to open the files and folders. If the mouse can open it, it means that the resource manager is not started with the system. The resource manager file is c:\windows\explorer.exe, which is in explorer Right click exe, create a shortcut, drag it to the startup folder of the start menu, and then it can be automatically started with the system. If it cannot be opened, it may be this explorer Exe file is damaged. Copy it on the Internet or on a computer with the same system. In safe mode, overwrite the damaged file.

Method 2: rebuild AssociationIn many cases, if the program file or folder cannot be opened, most of the associations are lost. You can rebuild the association. There are many ways to rebuild the association. Here is a very simple method to make your own registration file.

1. Open the Notepad first. If you can’t open it, you canTo change the suffix of Notepad to CMD or com, you can open it, and then enter the following code.

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  1. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00    
  3. [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\open\command] @=“\”%1\” %*”  

2. After entering the code, save it. The saving method is set as follows.

1) Select the disk to save the file, such as disk D;

2) Select a folder to save the file, such as the “1” folder.

3) Define a file name, such as “establish association.Reg”, and note that the suffix is reg;

4) Select the file type as “all files”;

5) Press“preservation”。

3. After saving, go to the save folder and double-click“Establish association.reg”Documents,Inject it into the registry, a prompt box will pop up, press “OK”, and thenTry to open the file or folder again.

Method 3: repair the socket or mouse

1、If there is no problem with the software, it can only be the hardware method. The biggest problem is the mouse, and the most common is the deformation or looseness of the interfaceFirst check whether the socket of the mouse is deformed or broken, and then check whether the connection is disconnected.

2. Then check whether the mouse socket behind the host is damaged or deformed. If it is damaged or deformed, it needs to be repaired or replaced.

3. If all the above are OK, you need to check the left button of the mouse, which requires turning on the mouse and testing whether the button works with a multimeter. If there is no response, you need to replace the left button.

matters needing attention:In terms of software, if the problem still cannot be solved after restarting the resource manager and rebuilding the association, try reinstalling the system. In terms of hardware, you can plug the mouse into other computers first, judge whether it is good or bad, and then repair it.

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